Custom Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, add dimension to rooms and enhance your home decor. Customized mirrors can become the focal point of your room; a family piece that will be passed down for generations. The experienced professionals at Glass Doctor® of Little Rock will help you create decorative glass mirrors that will be an integral part of your home’s interior design.

As a Compliment to Artwork

If you need to enhance artwork the style and shape of your mirror selection is important. Custom edging or tinting will ensure your mirrors complement each room; stand-alone mirrors will become essential pieces of any grouping. You can capture the look of a vintage mirror by choosing a design, finish and edge that gives your mirror a classic, sophisticated look. Edge designs can be antique, beveled or tinted.

Increased Light and Depth

We all know effectively placed mirrors can make a small room appear larger. But mirror placement also gives your home decor varying degrees of depth and visual impact. If you put your custom mirrors across from windows or on side-by-side walls, you’ll maximize the room’s natural and artificial light sources.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Get creative! If you’re renovating or building new, Glass Doctor of Little Rock will work with you to give your bedrooms and baths the look and feel you want while staying within your budget and project turnaround timeframe. Imagine the impact of a floor-to-ceiling mirror across from a picture window. And your walk-in closet needs at least one dressing mirror or vanity table mirror plus a closet door mirror. Ready-made mirrors may not work in today’s larger bathroom areas, and even half-baths are more appealing and accommodating with full-length mirrors.


Your home’s entryway and front hall should reflect your own sense of style. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Little Rock want your custom mirrors to make a definitive statement about your home decor.


Your kitchen’s granite countertops will be highlighted and enhanced by mirrored backsplashes. A mirror collage, dozens of mirrors in different sizes, shapes and frames, are a fun arrangement for a kitchen wall.

Living Rooms

Extend your living room; the effective use of light often depends on proper mirror placement. Ask our specialists the best positions for your new custom mirrors. Try mirrored shelves in the curio cabinets or above a fireplace mantel.

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