Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Lawton offers glass repair, replacement and remodeling services to businesses in the area. Our specialists supply general maintenance, emergency service and scheduled upgrades to a variety of businesses. As a local business owner, consider signing up for our Commercial Care program. Participants have access to discounted emergency board up services, priority after-hours response, commercial account set up, membership pricing and a 15% discount on auto glass jobs placed through the business' account. No matter how big or small the commercial glass repair, we're here to ensure your company doesn't suffer as a result of broken glass.

Business Glass Care in Lawton

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Lawton specialists have extensive experience in apartment and condominium glass repair and replacement. We are able to repair or replace a variety of windows, patio doors and mirrors. Our team also has experience with on-site residential facilities such as pools and fitness centers. Our glass and mirror options, including safety backing for mirrors, are designed for gyms, showers, locker rooms and other high traffic areas in a complex. Pass along savings to your tenants, we honor a 15% discount on auto glass repair and replacement jobs placed by complexes who are members of our Commercial Care program.

apartment windows


Glass Doctor of Lawton works closely with local restaurant owners to meet their glass needs, such as repairing dining room windows and replacing glass tables. We also work with establishments that have outdoor seating areas, restoring and installing glass pieces such as sliding doors and windbreaks. If you'd like to boost the ambiance of your restaurant, consider tinted or decorative glass. Additionally, we offer a number of specialty glass products such as sneeze guards for buffet tables and sliding glass for drive-up windows. Our specialists assist customers with both new installations and renovations.

Schools and Universities

Glass Doctor of Lawton understands schools and universities have residential and commercial property glass needs. Our glass specialists can repair and replace science lab supplies and observation office glass. We also collaborate with schools to design and renovate classrooms and dorms to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Our fire-resistant glass and protective glazing solutions increase school safety. Additionally, Glass Doctor of Lawton repairs and upgrades glass components in student and staff living quarters.


Glass Doctor of Lawton specialists offer a range of commercial glass repair for retail shops. Retrofitting older glass doors is a great way to reduce energy and maintenance costs. We are able to furnish dressing rooms with bespoke mirrors and stores with safety glass partitions. Entice new customers into your shop with intricately etched glass or increase security with bulletproof glass for your register area. No matter your shop's style, we will fit glass into your decor theme.

Hotels and Motels

Upgrading the glass in hotel or motel rooms improves form and function for guests. We aim to improve guests’ stay so they return. To improve the comfort of guests, we repair and replace window glass components. Installing double pane windows will make your building more comfortable and reduce noise pollution. Glass Doctor of Lawton also installs safety glass and mirrors in swimming and fitness areas to ensure safe, functional recreation spaces and locker rooms.

Cities and Municipalities

Glass Doctor of Lawton helps cities and municipalities operate seamlessly. We can replace doors, renovate entryways and upgrade windows. Reduce your energy and maintenance costs with new windows and doors and increase security for your residents with safety and fire-rated glass. We have the capacity for new construction and remodeling with expedited purchase orders and specialty glass services.

Putting off commercial glass repair is detrimental to your business. Whether you need a minor repair job or a full emergency replacement, get the work done in a timely fashion. Call 580-215-5554 to learn more about Glass Doctor of Lawton and our commercial glass repair services.