Auto Glass Care

Glass Doctor® of Lawton provides a full range of auto glass repair services to residents in and around the Lawton area. We aim to improve or restore the auto glass on your vehicle to increase comfort and safety. Entrust your auto glass with the best, set an appointment with Glass Doctor of Lawton to discuss your pane possibilities.

Windshield Care

Many drivers are tempted to ignore a small crack or chip in their windshield, which can jeopardize the restoration of the glass and endanger passengers while the damage goes untreated. If the integrity of your windshield is compromised by a chip or crack it cannot absorb as much energy before breaking, which means there’s more energy leftover that could hurt you and your passengers.

Glass Doctor of Lawton provides car glass repair services that are normally finished in under an hour. As an added benefit the work is normally free because your insurance will cover windshield repair. Our team is familiar with the various insurance filing requirements of major carriers, so we're happy to complete the paperwork for you. As proud members of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ every single specialist we hire conducts windshield replacement services in accordance with the council's high standards.

Auto Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Lawton provides car glass repair services for every piece of glass on your car, from the windshield and passenger windows to the mirrors. Anytime your car suffers a collision it is likely that glass will shatter, leaving you in need of a full replacement. While this can be frustrating the tempered glass shatters on impact as a safety feature, protecting you and your passengers from dangerous shards of sharp glass. Before doing any piece of work, we provide you with a consultation and an accurate quote for the cost of replacing your glass.

Auto Glass Protection

When a Glass Doctor of Lawton specialist replaces your windshield, you also are given a Windshield Protection Plan. This complementary guarantee will cover the costs of windshield glass repair or replacement for up to a year after the installation, excluding labor and fittings, and will cover you even if you need multiple repairs.

To keep your new windshield performing at its best, we recommend adding our hydrophobic coating glass protectant to the pane. This glass treatment makes your windshield resistant to scratches and stains; the treatment ensures you maintain excellent visibility while avoiding damage.

For more information about the glass repair and replacement services we offer,please contact us today to speak to a member of our team.