Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

Whether it’s the result of an accident, natural disaster or an act of vandalism, a broken window can leave you feeling nervous and overwhelmed. A damaged window not only threatens the safety of your home, it leaves it vulnerable to further damage.

Broken windows can be a magnet for unwanted pests, make your property an attractive break-in prospect and drain your home of its climate controlled air. Don’t let broken glass cause you unnecessary stress. If you are faced with a glass emergency, contact the team of specialists at Glass Doctor® of Lawton. We will provide immediate care and repair for your broken window.

Home Emergency Services

Glass Doctor of Lawton will help you feel secure in your home again with our after-hours emergency care. A broken window can be tempting to would-be criminals, and robs your home of its energy efficiency. Don’t neglect your broken pane. Our specialists will come to your home, day or night to provide emergency glass repair services. If we are unable to immediately repair your window, we will arrange a time that works best for you to provide a permanent solution.

Your safety is our top concern so we will efficiently deal with your broken window, door glass or specialty panes. We’ll even clean up the mess that’s been left behind. 

Emergency Board Up Services

When shattered glass creates a gaping hole in your home, Glass Doctor of Lawton will board up your window and restore your home's security. If a window cannot be immediately repaired, it should not be left uncovered. An unaddressed broken window can lead to even more damage and put your family and your home at risk. 

The security threat posed by a broken window is not the only hazard caused by shattered glass. Glass shards can pose a serious safety concern and result in injury to you, your family or your pets. Our specialists will clean and dispose of any glass shards left behind after a window has broken. 

A broken window shouldn't cause a continued threat to your home. Don’t deal with continued hassle from broken glass. When disaster strikes, Glass Doctor of Lawton will secure your broken panes.