Double Pane Windows

Don't allow your damaged windows to become a nuisance. Contact Glass Doctor® of Lawton today and have the best team in the area fix your home's windows for an affordable price. Our glass specialists are able to spot the signs of damaged glass or broken seals, which detract from window performance. To make your home as energy efficient as possible, let us install or restore double pane windows in your home.

Double Pane Window Structural Benefits

double pane window

Double pane windows, a type of Insulated glass unit (IGU) enhance the appearance of your home, and also ensure consistent temperatures, which increases energy efficiency. The structure of these units deliver the various benefits homeowners crave. The units feature two panes with an air gap sandwiched between the glass. The gap is sealed and panes are held in place with a spacer. Spacers often have moisture absorbing materials inside or are made of heat-resistant material. The window construction stops heat transfer, keeping the warm air where you want it no matter the season. IGUs will shrink your climate control costs and reduce outside noise disruptions.

Signs of Window Damage

Seal stress is one problem that arises in IGUs, and this often leads to an accumulation of condensation between the panes. Not only will this affect the appearance of your property, it will also interfere with a home's temperature consistency. Our team will fix this issue quickly and efficiently.

In many cases, the more serious window glass damage is subtler than a cracked, chipped or shattered pane. Every member of the Glass Doctor of Lawton team knows the telltale signs of a faulty window, which is why we offer an in-home inspection of your panes. Our glass specialists are able to offer expert support and advice, and will conduct the appropriate window glass replacement procedures to a high standard every time.

Window Case Replacement

When you choose Glass Doctor of Lawton, you choose a team who makes glass solutions their specialty. Beyond pane and seal repair, our specialists perform window component repair, which includes fixing faulty latches, off-balance panes and sticky mechanisms.

Window Glass Replacement

Our glass specialists are able to implement a variety of techniques in order to make your windows look wonderful. In many cases, these upgrades will offer superb financial benefits, as well as aesthetically improving the appearance of your property. Our specialists can replace your panes, which restores the glass and seal barrier.

Glass Repair Satisfacation

At Glass Doctor of Lawton, customer satisfaction and safety is our first priority. As soon as you notice any sort of damage to your property, simply call us and an emergency team will be dispatched to your home. Our glass specialists will get to work on patching up your panes, clearing the area of any debris and securing your home in the safest possible way before a permanent replacement is made. If you want a home window assessment, we happily provide an onsite consultation at your convenience.

For high-quality window glass services in Lawton and Duncan, call Glass Doctor of Lawton today on 580-215-5554.

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