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When you need a glass expert in Ingham County to assist you with renovating your windows and lowering costs on your next utility bill, look no further. Glass Doctor® of Lansing, MI provides home, business and auto services to Lansing, Owosso, Grand Ledge, and surrounding communities. Our dedicated service professionals walk you through every step of the glass project, so we can ensure your satisfaction with the service you are receiving.

Our team has around the clock availability, and we offer services that not only benefit your home, business and vehicle, but also the environment. These services include upgrading your windows to double pane windows, repairing a chipped windshield, and boarding up windows after a glass emergency. Call (517) 394-1745 or fill out our request form today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the glass services we can provide for you.

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Double Pane Windows:
During rough seasons, your home can face extreme temperature changes, and your windows are responsible for the majority of temperature exchanges. While single pane windows do provide some protection for temperature changes, over time it becomes more difficult to do so, and eventually, drafts in your home may occur. At Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI we offer double pane window installation, known as insulated glass units, because they regulate the exchange of heat into and out of the home. This allows your home to become warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Double pane windows have a layer of air between their panes, which reduces heat conduction and insulates your home. If you are interested in upgrading your windows to double pane windows, then contact our team today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Car Window Replacement:
When your car door glass shatters, it’s important to replace the glass as soon as possible. A damaged or missing window can obstruct the driver’s ability to spot road hazards and may cause a collision. Our service professionals at Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI offer car window replacements so you can remain safe on the road. We can replace various types of car window glass including door glass, moonroofs, sunroofs, quarter glass, and power window regulators. When you bring your vehicle to our facility a service professional will follow a detailed procedure to ensure that the replacement is done with care. Do not hesitate when your car window shatters. Call Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI to replace your car’s glass as soon as possible.

Advance Measurement System:
The Advance Measurement System from Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI is a proactive glass solution that ensures your glass will be repaired or replaced when a disaster occurs. If you enroll in the Advance Measurement system, a glass service professional will survey your facility and take measurements of all your glass products. This information is stored in our system, and when you have an emergency, we use this information to bring the right materials with us to begin your emergency repair. This system saves you time, because we can repair your glass products quickly, and you will not have to close your business for an extended period. If you would like to explore the Advance Measurement System, then call our team today to learn more.

Home Glass

Home Glass

Condensation points to problems in your panes, and replacing windows allows for homes to regain lost efficiency. Create a more energy efficient home and upgrade your single pane windows with the help of Glass Doctor. Our team can help you through the process of replacing your old windows with new, insulated glass units that can lower your energy costs.

Home Glass Services

Auto Glass

Auto Glass

Windshields endure a great deal, but small chips can quickly snowball into obnoxious cracks when extreme weather hits. Opt to repair your vehicle with our quick and easy repair options and mobile appointments. An hour of our time could save you a bundle in replacement costs.

Auto Glass Services

Business Glass

Business Glass

The day and the hour don’t matter; Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI offers emergency services for your business. Our team is available 24 hours, every day of the week. Call us today to get more information about our emergency services for your business.

Business Glass Services

Window Repair and Replacement

Window Repair and Replacement

When condensation appears on the inside of your window, it’s time to call a glass expert. Our glass specialists are fully trained to install, repair and replace all windows in your home. Instead of replacing the entire window, our experts check to see if they can just replace the pane. We have several insulated glass options, also called insulated glass units, which can increase the value of your home and reduce your energy bills. You can rely on our team to fix your windows correctly and save you money.

Window Repair and Replacement

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