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Custom Glass Solutions

The custom glass in your home forms an essential part of your decorating scheme. Glass cabinet doors, shelves and furniture accents adorning your rooms make it easy to create one-of-a-kind styles and a decor that matches your tastes. Glass Doctor® of Lansing, MI, provides custom glass services for a variety of home and office applications. With experienced specialists and customer-friendly scheduling, we’ll deliver the ultimate in custom glass design, installation, protection and repair needs.

Interior Design Additions

Precision Glass Tabletops: Whether you’d like to replace an existing damaged tabletop, or you want to commission custom glass to protect your valuable antique furniture, our glass professionals are able to measure, cut and create glass tabletops according to your specific requirements.
Glass Shelving and Cabinet Doors: We also provide a variety of options for fabricating and installing custom door glass and shelves. Our industry experts have years of experience and are able to replace cracked, chipped or damaged pieces, or assist your renovation ideas with knowledgeable guidance.
Custom Mirrors: Custom mirrors act as a flawless design complement. When strategically placed, their reflections enlarge the impression of space and increase interior light, making your rooms look brighter and more spacious.

Customized glass features include:

  • Size, shape and thickness fabrication
  • Comprehensive selection of edging details
  • Design and placement safety advice to ensure proper mounting
  • Tinting options that protect your fabrics and wood finishes from unfiltered sunlight that cause fading
  • Laminate upgrades that prevent dangerous shattering

Exterior Applications

In addition to interior designs, custom glass is able to improve your home’s exterior windows and doors. Our certified glass specialists conduct renovations that reduce energy costs and enhance your curb appeal. Choose decorative glass to adorn entryways, patio doors and windows with embedded blinds, and a variety of energy efficient options that strengthen your home’s insulation.

Low-E (low emissivity) glass panes reduce glare and block harmful ultraviolet (UV) light that causes fading, while reducing heat transference during the summer. Low-E glass both reduces the strain on your heating and cooling unit and safeguards the colors in your draperies, carpet and furnishings.

Moreover, we offer hurricane and impact-rated glass for enhanced safety and protection. Customized options allow you to select the style and strength of the custom glass utilized in your home or office.

To find out more about customized glass applications, speak with one of our qualified experts and schedule a free, in home consultation with Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI, today.