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Custom Mirrors

Create a brilliant environment in your space with the addition of custom mirrors. The right custom mirror in your room draws the eye, creates highlights and opens new vistas for your home decor. Glass Doctor® of Lansing Michigan consultants provide our clients with design expertise to select the perfect glass decor to match your unique style. For redecorating your whole living space or updating a single room, our team is ready to make your space shine.


Custom Mirrors Improve Decor

Custom mirror decor will:

  • Add depth and openness to your space
  • Bring light to where you need it
  • Highlight your existing art and decor
  • Add pop to your rooms

    Custom Mirrors That Open Your Space

    Small rooms, short hallways and small spaces benefit greatly from well-placed mirrors. Your consultant will suggest types of mirrors to make your small spaces inviting and cozy instead of cramped and dark. Create reflections of your walls and ceilings to give a sense of openness and breadth. Catch the ambient light to draw a cheerful glow into dim spaces. Use tiled and framed mirrors to follow the contours of your architecture and give a sense of flow from one space to the next. Some of our most popular mirror styles to accentuate your space are:

    Illuminate Your Life

    Natural and artificial light can leave your home feeling dim. The right custom mirror redirects and amplifies your light sources. Our consultant will show you how to brighten up any room with custom mirror additions. We even have ways to illuminate rooms and spaces without windows.

    With options for virtually any type and size of mirror, your choices to increase lighting are greatly enhanced. Mounted mirrors installed behind wall sconces or on desk lamps amplify light. Custom mirrored table tops gather and reflect light from windows and artificial light sources, brightening your sitting areas. Properly positioned wall mirrors catch light from windows and flood the room with natural light. Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI, provides solutions to make any room brighter.

    Highlight Your Style

    A variety of tints, finishes and edges give you infinite possibilities to add elegance and chic to your current decor and collections. An in-home consultation allows our experts to suggest the best mirrors to compliment your current decor. Some ideas might include:

    Make Your Space Pop

    Use custom mirrors to make an impression. Full length framed mirrors and floor to ceiling mirrors create a feeling of elegance and provide a quick way to check your appearance in entryways and bedrooms. Statement mirrors create focal points in living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms that draw the eye and tie the room together. Elegant bathroom mirrors give a sense of serenity. Give us a call today to explore the ways custom mirrors will enhance your home. Let Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI partner with you to bring a new shine to your life.

      • Mirrored walls to extend small hallways
      • Mirrored backsplashes to open small kitchens
      • Custom mirror shelves: Get the perfect mix of form and function with a shelf system designed especially to organize and highlight your 3D collections like sculptures and figurines.
      • Hanging mirrors: To direct natural and artificial light to highlight specific art pieces use hanging mirrors.
      • Framed mirrors: Add a splash of sparkle to framed art displays like photo walls.