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Door Closer Repair Service

Keeping your customers safe and happy is all about managing the small details that your guests might not even notice until something goes wrong. An automatic door closer allows your guests to open heavy doors easily, and then gently closes the door behind them. It is also one of those small details that every guest will surely notice if it is not working properly. When you seek expert door closer repair, count on Glass Doctor® of Lansing, MI, to keep your doors in great shape.


Door Closer Repair

Door closers will fail for many reasons. In some cases, seals become broken causing a lubricant leak which leads to a hardware fail. Lubricant will also leak if screws become dislodged, or if O-rings are damaged or missing. It is essential to have a professional repair the door closer and replace the lubricant; when done improperly, the door could slam shut and potentially injure an employee or customer.

Damaged or incorrect springs are another common cause of door closer failure. Heavier doors require stronger springs and a too-light spring will not close the door tightly. On the other hand, a too-heavy spring will pull a light door closed too quickly which could lead to injury. Let the door closer repair experts at Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI, make sure you have the right equipment for your door.

Door Closer Care

Routine maintenance is an important part of keeping your door closer working its best for years to come. Don't risk voiding the manufacturer's warranty on your closer by servicing it yourself. Instead, call the experts at Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI, who are specially trained in door closer repair and maintenance.

An incorrect door closer repair also leads to doors that are misaligned and cause damage to the door frame or the door itself, along with doors that are difficult to close completely and lock correctly. An incorrect repair will also cause abnormal or unexpected movements of the door and risk injuring your customers.

Free Consultation

Every door closer project from Glass Doctor of Lansing, MI, begins with a no obligation consultation with one of our specialists. We will bring our expertise to your door! Our team inspects your doors and closers so can provide you with a professional estimate that includes materials and installation. That way, you know exactly what you're getting before we begin. To learn more about door closer repair or to schedule your consultation, call or schedule an appointment online today!