Window Repair & Replacement

Broken glass is a problem, but if you're a resident or business owner in Harris County, Glass Doctor® of Katy has the solution. We work hard to minimize the impact of window damage with quick, thorough repair and replacement services. We will complete your home window glass repair while accommodating your schedule, preferences and customization requests. We also replace residential windows with new panes and repair or replace hardware components.

Window Glass Repair

Our glass repair specialists pay attention to every detail to make sure your visibility, style and seal are completely restored after our service. Call Glass Doctor of Katy to schedule any window glass repair services.

Emergency Services

If a window breaks overnight, don't wait until the next day while your home is exposed. We put your safety first, so our mobile unit is always on call to repair or replace your broken glass. Our emergency window glass repair services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing our specialists to restore your seal and safety as soon as possible. Our service includes cleanup and board-ups if necessary.

Double and Triple Pane Window Repairs

Your insulated glass units (IGUs) will not block moisture or temperature exchange without a perfect seal. We will repair or replace your foggy panes and diagnose the source of condensation buildup. Our specialists work hard to repair your double or triple pane windows and restore your window seal and structural stability.

Window Glass Replacement

We also install new windows to improve your home and lower your energy bill. Replace your broken, outdated, or inefficient windows with replacement panes from Glass Doctor of Katy. We offer the following home window glass replacement services.

Energy–Efficient Window Upgrades

Our IGU options include double and triple pane windows, which use extra glass and moisture-absorbing spacers to reduce noise, energy waste, temperature transfer and moisture buildup. We also offer low-emissivity (Low-E) windows with special UV-resistant coating to protect your upholstery, reduce glares and UV exposure.Home Window Replacements We will customize or custom order the glass you need from oversize Low-E windows to matching glass inserts for entryway doors. Our specialists will remove your current window panes without damaging the frame and other components, and we always restore an airtight, moisture-proof seal to keep your new installation intact and efficient.

Window Glass Protection

We want your glass to last, so we offer a variety of optional ways to reduce your safety risks and make maintenance a breeze.

Glass Protectant

Ask for our hydrophobic glass protectant to enjoy up to five years of water and scratch resistance. Hydrophobic coating protects your windows and other glass installations from the effects of dirt, hard water, pollutants, stains, scratches and other hazards.

Window Tints

Shield your indoor spaces from excessive sunlight and prevent sun damage with UV-resistant window tints. Our optional window tints are an investment in your privacy, energy efficiency and indoor decor.

Membership Savings

Take advantage of a complimentary home inspection, priority scheduling and response times, and other membership perks with our exclusive Advantage Plan®. We include a variety of extra protections and savings for our Advantage Plan members, including discounts on any future window glass repair. Call Glass Doctor of Katy today to schedule your window glass repair or replacement.