Advance Measurement System

Advanced Measurement System | Glass Doctor of Katy Glass Doctor® of Katy specialists understand the value of planning ahead. We work hard to protect you and your property with high-quality glass installations, and we also want to make sure your glass is covered against unexpected damage. We offer emergency repairs 24 hours a day, but with our Advance Measurement system, you'll always be a few steps ahead in the repair and replacement process.Count on our local team to care for your business no matter the size of your operation.

Keep Track of Your Glass

After you sign up for our proactive glass care plan, Glass Doctor of Katy will send a specialist to your business to survey your glass pieces and panes. We document the dimensions, type, safety code requirements and location of each and every glass installation on your property. With this information we create a detailed diagram of your business. Our Advance Measurement system is a smart disaster recovery plan for any local business with indoor or outdoor glass installations.

Speed Up Your Emergency Repairs

We know time is precious when your property is damaged, and you don't want to wait any longer than necessary for a solution. Our Advance Measurement system is a great way to protect your glass assets and avoid the risks, expenses and eyesores associated with damaged glass. If a window, door, or any other glass installation breaks, give us a call. We will cross-reference your diagram with our inventory and bring a replacement instead of boarding it up temporarily.

In-Stock Glass for Your Business

Our proactive glass care plan may include an in-stock option to keep your replacement panes ready to go. If you pre-order the glass you need, we will complete the cleanup, repairs, and full installations in a single trip, saving you time and money while you work to protect your business. Your storefront won't be vulnerable to theft or inclement weather while you wait for a replacement, and your transactions won't be interrupted by a lengthy cleanup.

Pre-Establish All Your Information

Our Advance Measurement system also allows us to collect your contact and billing information ahead of time. We will pre-establish your credit, confirm all your important information, and make sure we understand exactly how to proceed if disaster does strike. This prevents any further delays or conflicts, and allows us to get your emergency service started right away. Schedule your inspection today or call the Glass Doctor of Katy office to learn more about our proactive glass care options!