Auto Glass Care

Glass Doctor® of Katy has extensive experience repairing and replacing car, truck and SUV glass. We are familiar with various windshields as well as side windows, back glass, mirrors and sunroofs. When you're facing auto glass repair, don't put off the work. The sooner you get your vehicle fixed, the less money you spend on the repair. We promise to quickly restore your panes and return you to the road safely.

Windshield Care

The windshield of any vehicle is vital to the safety of the occupants. Chips and cracks may be unattractive, but they’re also unsafe. Cracks tend to spread quickly, especially with temperature changes, and what seems like minor damage quickly turns into a serious problem. A damaged windshield greatly affects how your vehicle responds in a crash. To ensure you are safe, make an appointment for immediate windshield repair when you first notice damage. Our glass teams repair minor chips and cracks within an hour. Most insurance companies cover these types of repairs, which means you don't have to pay anything for the auto glass repair. We also handle the insurance paperwork for you. Modern auto glass technology includes temperature gauges, radio antennas and precipitation sensors. When we install a new windshield, we are aware of these features; we check to make sure your auto glass technology is operating as it was intended, regardless of its make and model. Glass Doctor of Katy glass specialists adhere to industry best practices that meet the Auto Glass Safety Council™ guidelines, guaranteeing our auto glass is installed safely every time.

Auto Glass Replacement

Tempered glass plays a key role in vehicle passenger safety. Tempered glass is designed to separate into small, safe chunks on impact, eliminating the risk of vehicle glass breaking into shards and injuring the passengers. Most modern vehicles feature tempered glass in the passenger windows, quarter glass, back windshield and sunroof. Due to the design of tempered glass, repair isn't an option following a break. Before replacing auto glass, we provide an expert consultation that includes an accurate price estimate.

Auto Glass Protection

We include our Windshield Protection Plan with each windshield replacement.While your windshield is under our guarantee, any damage will be repaired. If you desire proactive glass care, our Value Package is also available for an extra cost. During the 12 months following your replacement, we cover labor costs, new windshield wipers and a coat of our hydrophobic glass protectant. Hydrophobic coating makes windshield glass resistant to water stains and scratching, improving visibility during inclement weather and keeping the glass protected from environmental pollutants, mineral deposits and general wear and tear. Schedule your next appointment or contact Glass Doctor of Katy at 281-712-2520.