Double Pane Windows

Homeowners expect their interior climate to maintain a comfortable temperature despite the changes happening outside. Your windows may make it difficult, if not impossible, for your heating and air conditioning system to keep up. Windows are known to play a huge role in the consistency of home temperatures. Some windows are better than others at regulating temperatures. Glass Doctor® of Katy installs and replaces insulated glass units (IGUs), a kind of window known for its ability to balance and control temperatures inside the house. Trust our team to restore the comfort of your home with fresh or fixed panes!

Choose Insulated Glass Windows

double pane window

The primary features of an IGU are the multiple pieces of glass and an insulating spacer, which result in a more energy-efficient window. The spacer holds the panes apart while sealing the gap between them. A common IGU is a double-pane window. Spacers are filled with desiccant to absorb moisture. This prevents condensation from occurring inside of the double-pane window. Some IGUs also use argon and krypton gas to add extra insulation between the panes.

Benefits to using Multi-pane Windows

Insulated glass units block out heat and cold. This means that in the fall and winter, the window glass won't funnel your warm air outside. During summer and spring, the glass unit stops hot air from penetrating inside. Keeping your home at a consistent temperature lowers energy bills and reduces your dependence on an HVAC system.

Restore Your Windows Today

Improperly installed or old windows leak air into and out of the house. Every double pane window is vulnerable to the same issue when damaged. A window that looks foggy or hazy has a broken window seal. If your home feels drafty or you note condensation between the panes, call our team immediately! We rush to restore your panes or switch out the glass for a better option.

No matter the glass issue you face, we provide top-of-the-line window glass replacements and installations. Contact Glass Doctor of Katy for installation information about double or triple pane windows today! We are ready to serve your every glass need!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.