Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Glass shower doors for your outdated bathroom are an essential upgrade if you are actively trying to increase the value of your home. Better yet, upgrade your bathroom to create a space you love. Bathrooms come in all shapes, styles and sizes, so we help homeowners find the perfect shower doors or tub enclosures. Glass Doctor® of Katy works with a variety of vendors to offer a wide selection of glass shower doors specifically because of bathroom diversity. No matter which shower door you choose, glass shower doors always make a bathroom look larger, lighter and sophisticated.

Practical Advantages

  • Frameless glass doors are easy to keep clean. Glass doors can be wiped down and made to sparkle. They are more hygienic and keep looking new far longer than shower curtains.
  • Glass Doctor of Katy uses tempered glass for every glass shower doors because it is least likely to break. Frameless glass shower doors are superbly crafted to stay intact, and are securely fastened by refined hardware.
  • Shower glass doors are entirely customizable, which means the homeowner can determine the specific look and price. Chose the size, width, height, glass tint, hardware type and framing.

The Design Process

The experts at Glass Doctor of Katy will help you determine the best design for your unique bathroom needs. Deciding whether you should opt for a frameless design or install a pivot or slider door, are major decisions. The installation of shower glass doors requires several important preparation steps.


To work properly, the glass shower enclosure must fit the shower precisely. Glass Doctor of Katy will take expert measurements, and then accurately determine the actual costs necessary for materials and installation. Configuration Shower wall construction, material type and the location of the supporting studs are all factors which must be carefully considered before installation begins. Glass professionals establish the maximum glass weight that can be safely supported by the bathroom’s walls.


Sufficient air circulation is critical for a successful glass door installation. Without proper ventilation, moisture will build up, which could trigger the growth of mold and mildew. The specialists from Glass Doctor of Katy perform a ventilation evaluation, prior to installation, to determine there is adequate clearance and ventilation between the top of the enclosure and the ceiling. Upon request, glass steam room kits can be added to increase ventilation in fully tiled bathrooms.

Shower Heads

Once the correct dimensions for the glass shower enclosure are determined, homeowners are able to select their desired shower head. The appropriate shower head will have a range that does not spray water outside of the enclosure, even when the door is open.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Shower doors enhance the ambiance in your home, lending a special touch to all the right places. While gathering ideas, check out our research pages:

The addition of glass doors for your shower enclosure, makes a dramatic difference. If you are ready to upgrade your bathroom or have some questions, give Glass Doctor of Katy a call!