Commercial Door Closer Service

A faulty door that is difficult to open and close can ruin your chance at a great first impression. Work with Glass Doctor® of Katy to ensure your business welcomes customers with a beautiful door that provides smooth and reliable operation. Our convenient door closer repair services can help you maintain commercial doors and ensure maximum safety for you, your employees, and your customers.

How Door Closers Work

Commercial doors tend to be heavier than residential models, so a door closer makes it easier to open and close the door without having to put in a lot of physical effort. Ideally, a door closer should provide a little resistance but easily yield with minimal pressure. As the door swings open, it should feel like a smooth, gliding motion. Once the door is open and the visitor has safely passed through, a spring located in the door closer will activate and slowly and gently guide the door back to a closed position. When the door is closed, it should rest neatly in the door frame.

Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Door Closer Pairs

Often, the experts at Glass Doctor of Katy are called to replace door closers that have been installed on the wrong type of door. Heavy commercial doors must be equipped with equally strong closers and springs. If the door is too heavy for the mechanism, you may encounter safety risks and damage to the door, the closer, and the frame.

Adjusted Door Closers

Just like any other mechanical device, door closers will need to be maintained to provide optimal performance. Our service professionals perform maintenance, make adjustments, and replace springs to maximize lifespan and prevent problems.

Seal Repairs and Oil Levels

Door closers utilize seals to house lubricants and provide smooth operation. A broken seal can expose clearance gaps and hardware, which allow for leaks. If you have already noticed an oil leak, there is a problem with your hardware that needs to be addressed. It may be the case of a missing screw or a failed O-ring. Whatever the cause, our experts will diagnose the problem, make any necessary repairs to the hardware, and return the oil level to a perfect lubrication state. These simple repairs will prevent the door from opening and closing too quickly and increasing the risk of injury.

Commercial Door Maintenance Services

Most business owners don't realize that they can void their door closer warranty by having an untrained employee attempt to make repairs. Instead of taking this risk, call on the experts at Glass Doctor of Katy who have the training and experience to complete repairs and protect your warranty.

Our door closer repair services are just one way that we work to ensure that your business stays in good working order and provides a safe environment for everyone. Perhaps best of all, our services don't stop there. You can also rely on us to address problems with other hardware, door frames, glass, hinges, and a variety of other projects.

Contact our team today to schedule an onsite consultation. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help and ensure that you receive the information and services you need.