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Clear Choice Protectant

Glass shower doors, tub enclosures, windows, sinks, toilets, countertops and tile floors need constant care to remain in clean condition. It's not uncommon to have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub these surfaces to keep them polished. Fortunately, keeping these surfaces clean becomes a lot easier if you use Clear Choice™ surface protectant. A product of Glass Doctor® of Jackson, MS, Clear Choice will preserve the beauty of your home's surfaces and make them easier to clean. The treatment makes more water and oil repellent. When less water and oils can stick to your bathroom surfaces, the less vulnerable your surfaces will be to soap scum, hard water stains and other waste products commonly deposited by daily use.

Protecting Your Investment

Many homeowners put hefty sums into their bathroom and kitchen designs. High-quality materials, such as glass, tile, granite and porcelain are often used in modern decor. Protect these surfaces with a single application of Clear Choice surface protectant. Glass Doctor of Jackson, MS, will use our treatment to shield your surfaces from scratches, stains and heat damage. A Clear Choice application accomplishes this feat by creating a protective barrier on silica-based surfaces. This barrier will last upwards of five years and will protect against:

  • Visual flaws caused by mineral deposits
  • Physical damage caused by weathering
  • Dirty and unsanitary surfaces caused by environmental pollutants
  • Stains caused by hard water

The Benefits of Using Clear Choice

Smart homeowners apply Clear Choice to every viable surface. The treatment will restore, maintain and protect a variety of different surfaces made out of all types of materials. A professional Clear Choice application will result in:

  • Fewer cleanings: You won't have to get on your hands and knees to scrub your bathroom surfaces nearly as often.
  • A reduction in mold and bacteria growth: Your bathroom will boast a much healthier environment for your family to use.
  • Resistance to stains, scratches and impact damage: Not only will you preserve the original beauty of your bathroom materials, but you won't have to worry about having to pay for costly repairs or replacement nearly as much.
  • Glossier surfaces: Your bathroom surfaces will shine bright, ensuring that your bathroom design is just as you envisioned it.
  • A more environmentally friendly environment: You won't have to use commercial cleaners that consists of harsh chemicals to scrub your bathroom surfaces clean since the use of Clear Choice makes them much easier to keep clean as well as to clean. This will not only prevent harsh chemicals from getting into the air but also from going down your drains.

Maintain your bathroom's beauty and cleanliness with a professional application of Clear Choice surface protectant. Be sure to contact us at Glass Doctor of Jackson, MS, to schedule a free in-home consultation today.