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Advance Measurement System

Being prepared for emergency situations separates successful businesses from struggling businesses. At Glass Doctor® of Jackson MS it is our mission to help your business remain successful with proactive commercial glass care. Our Advance Measurement System is designed to make dealing with business emergencies simpler for you. It also prevents business interruption and avoids downtime for your company if glass breaks at your location anytime, day or night.

The Key to Proactive Glass Care

When you participate in the Advance Measurement program, Glass Doctor of Jackson MS creates a detailed diagram of your store or office, which reflects the location, type and size of every pane at your establishment. We label and code the location and type of every pane, including fire-resistant glass and tinted glass. A copy of this diagram is given to you and we keep a copy on file, so we are able to expedite future glass emergencies.

Quicker Emergency Glass Repair

In a broken glass emergency, simply call us with the code corresponding to the broken panes. Using our version of the same diagram, we'll know exactly your pane needs prior to arrival. If we have the correct panes in-stock, we bring them to your facility immediately. Will make a full replacement without needing to take the time to measure your space. If your specialized glass is not on hand, we supply a professional, temporary board up. We also offer advance credit approval to make your emergency glass replacement faster.

Ensure Glass is Always Available

For crucial glass, such as your front door glass or bulletproof glass at your location, let Glass Doctor of Jackson MS pre-order it for you. We keep this pre-ordered glass at our shop, set aside exclusively for your business. This keeps your specialized glass in-stock for immediate single-visit replacement without the need for a board-up.

Advance Measurement Advantages

  • Convenient, single trip glass repair or replacement saves you money and time.
  • Employees and customers stay safe, reducing your insurance liability.
  • Restores security quickly, protecting property and inventory from loss or damage.
  • Keeps your business looking its best to maintain customer confidence.
  • Prevents invoicing concerns with pre-arranged credit.

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