Custom Glass Solutions in Huntsville, AL

Glass Doctor® of Huntsville offers a variety of custom glass solutions for your home or business. Our team of experienced glass specialists can offer you timely advice on a number of issues related to custom glass, including the installation of glass on housing additions, energy efficient glass choices, and customized tinted glass to make the look and feel of your business stand out to your customers.

We are conveniently located in the Huntsville area serve Montgomery, Mobile, and Alabaster. We offer competitive prices and quality work completed quickly, so your glass needs are met with professional care.

Patio and French Doors

At Glass Doctor of Huntsville we understand updating or remodeling your home can be an arduous task. Our library of patio and French door glass may help you to make the right home design decision for your budget and aesthetic tastes. If this is your first time updating your house we can also help you understand the process, and to estimate the overall costs of your redesign.

Choose from a variety of glass types for door glass, such as:

We provide several products to extend the life of your furniture. Our team installs glass tabletops and overlays, which act as wonderful barriers to wooden or antique pieces. Add our Hydrophobic Coating glass treatment to protect your glass for up to another five years. Hydrophobic Coating is a versatile treatment and can be used on metal, marble, and porcelain tops. It provides a barrier for dirt and grime, as well as making it easier to clean surfaces.

Glass Mirrors

Add intrigue to any interior with the addition of a mirror or glass shelving unit. Use mounted mirrors used to increase the power of artificial and natural light sources, reducing the number of lamps you need to light a room.

Low-E Glass Windows

For those looking to lower their exposure to harmful rays from the sun Glass Doctor of Huntsville sells low emissivity glass. Low-E glass provides a number of benefits for your family's health and the longevity of your furniture by screening out much of the harmful UV radiation that can cause skin damage, as well as degrade the finish of products within your home.

Glass Doctor has a selection of low-E glass that can match varied settings in your home, and we can offer you the specifications of different models of low-E glass, as well as advice on which brands would best fit your home and budget.

Glass Experts in Huntsville

Our Glass Doctor of Huntsville specialists treat each customer’s home with respect by wearing shoe covers and always cleaning up the mess before leaving. Contact our team for the interior revitalization you need!