Custom Mirrors in Huntsville, AL

When redecorating your greater Huntsville area home, it can often be a challenge to imagine what changes will bring a fresh look to your interior while enhancing the features that first charmed you. Carefully placed, custom mirrors breathe new life and visual interest into a home. Whether grouping framed or unframed mirrors in rooms, hallways or in your entry, mirrors instantly transform the mood and visual space of any area.

The glass experts at Glass Doctor® of Huntsville offer local residents an impressive selection of framed and frameless custom mirrors sure to enhance the decor of any home and its architectural style. We consistently provide all of our clients with unmatched customer service and years of design and installation expertise.

Custom Mirror Creation

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Mirrors are standard fixtures in bathrooms, but that doesn't mean they can't be used to reflect light or enliven the dominant design hues in other areas of the home. Using over-sized mirrors or multiples in varying sizes allow these pieces to create depth and brightness. The true versatility of mirrors is their ability to create the illusion of space in small rooms and hallways.

  • Small rooms: Placing custom mirrors on the wall or across from a window creates a space-enlarging reflection.
  • Fireplace: Add reflective energy to a fireplace by placing a gorgeous mirror on or above the mantel.
  • Kitchen: A mirrored back-splash or a wall collage of antique framed mirrors will make a statement in any kitchen.
  • Patio: Create a reflective outdoor collage on a patio wall with grouped decorative mirrors or a wall of mirrored tiles.

Accentuate Your Art and Home Decor

Many designers use mirrors as artistic elements, not utilitarian necessities. The experts at Glass Doctor of Huntsville will be happy to work with you to customize dramatic, attractive mirrored decor for your home. Here are a few professional decorating ideas:

  • Hanging mirrors: Mirrors placed in the dining room area are believed to bring fortune and wealth to homeowners.
  • Framed mirrors: Don't limit bathroom mirrors to wall cabinets. Multiple framed mirrors bring more light and continuity to bathroom decor.
  • Mirrored shelves: The brilliant surfaces of multiple mirrored shelves reflect natural and strategically-placed artificial light directly onto your favorite art pieces.

Enhance Your Home's Natural Light

Because mirrors reflect instead of absorb light, hanging or placing them in the right areas bring more natural light into your home. Consider one or more of these mirrors display ideas that play on the use of natural light:

  • Bring the beauty of nature into your home by arranging a group of large mirrors on a wall opposite a large window or French doors so they can reflect your favorite view of outdoors.
  • Hang square mirrors in multiple sizes for a sleek, geometrical look or set them in simple black and white frames in a contemporary kitchen.
  • If antiques are your passion, mix or match several mirrors with gilded, painted or stained frames. Hang them in your main stairway on in your entry.

Mirrors Made to Impress

Don’t let the size of large or full-length mirrors intimidate you; they add drama and bold design statements to even the smallest areas. Entryways and hallways are instantly brightened by one or more tall, impressive mirrors. Hanging an over-sized mirror between two windows creates the illusion of an extra window while reflecting extra light into the room.

Whatever your style, the custom mirror specialists at Glass Doctor of Huntsville will provide superior service and our always expert installation. Contact us today!