Glass Shower Doors & Bathtub Enclosures in Huntsville, AL

Your bathroom has the potential to become a retreat. By adding the right touches, you can transform it into the relaxing, comfortable space of your dreams. Glass Doctor® of Huntsville offers a variety of shower doors and tub enclosures, like those with frameless shower doors, to make your bathroom stylish, sophisticated and functional. Our team is happy to guide you through this phase of your bathroom update, from choosing the perfect design to installing the final additions!

Considerations for Shower Doors and Bathtub Enclosures

When you use Glass Doctor of Huntsville, a glass specialist will be by your side during the design process to ensure the finished product is a success.

Before you begin designing your new frameless shower door or tub enclosure, you will need to consider different factors, including:

  • Size: A specialist will take expert measurements of your bathroom to ensure the correct dimensions are on record to prevent unnecessary delays.
  • Shower door: Only choose frameless shower doors if there is enough space for them to swing open and for you to enter the enclosure. Otherwise, sliding doors may be best.
  • Enclosure frames: Many enclosures and shower doors have metal frames, which add an attractive accent. If the space allows, you may find that a frameless design better suits your decorative style.
  • Bathroom configuration: The best type of tub enclosure and shower door type depends on the materials on a bathroom’s walls and the location of the studs. You may need additional studs if you want an enclosure or shower door that uses heavy glass.
  • The best shower head: A good showerhead for your new enclosure or shower door is one that doesn’t spray outside of the enclosure when you open the door. You may need to test different shower head models to find the right one for your new space.
  • Floor drain: All bathtubs and shower enclosures have a slight slope on the floor. This design directs water to the drain to prevent water and moisture damage, as well as mold growth.
  • Ventilation: The ventilation fan in a bathroom should adequately control relative humidity levels so they are not too high. Otherwise, the excess moisture could promote the growth of dangerous molds. As you select your favorite shower doors or tub enclosure, your glass specialist will ensure there is proper airflow and clearance above the installation. If you choose a larger enclosure, you may benefit from one of our steam room kits.
  • Shower glass options: After you find the perfect frameless shower door or tub enclosure, it’s time to choose you favorite glass texture, pattern and glass tint. Base your choice on the amount of privacy you want and your aesthetic preferences.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

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If you want to learn about your options for frameless shower doors or are ready to transform your bathroom, contact Glass Doctor of Huntsville to schedule an in-home consultation. Our glass specialists will expertly pair you with an enclosure that looks great and meets your budget.