Window Repair & Replacement Services in Huntsville, AL

Rely on expert service from Glass Doctor® of Huntsville when you require window glass repair or replacement. Our experienced specialists utilize industry best practices to deliver professional workmanship with industrial grade materials.

When our glass experts perform a home window glass repair or replacement, we prioritize the restoration and enhancement of the structural integrity, security, and curb appeal of your home. Take advantage of our unmatched courtesy and convenience by scheduling an in-home consultation with upfront pricing.

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Window Repair

Emergency Window Repair

Don’t delay home window repair and risk your family’s safety. Unexpected damages deserve immediate attention. Fortunately, our team responds at all hours with our Emergency Home Glass Repair and Replacement Service to re-establish home security as soon as possible. If we need to order replacement panes, we’ll board up the open area and safely discard glass shards after a thorough sweep. Your new panes will be installed at your convenience.

Double Pane Window Repair

Improve home insulation and curb appeal by repairing double pane windows with broken seals. A broken seal allows excess condensation to create a cloudy appearance across your panes. Worse, energy costs increase as climate control struggles to keep you comfortable. If your existing frames show no damage, we’ll save you money by only replacing problem panes. We finalize installation with a complete border of fresh sealant.

Specialty Glass Repair

Challenge our specialists with any glass renovation project. We create and install custom cut panes for a variety of uses. If you need glass for shower enclosures, garage doors, French and patio doors, tabletops, mirrors or other home decor, we’re prepared for to make an immediate assessment. Don’t hesitate to enhance your home’s utility and appeal.

Window Replacement


Choose from a wide selection of replacement windows to increase home insulation or restore an area beyond window glass repair. We stock double and triple pane insulated glass units (IGUs) and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Installing IGUs or Low-E glass remains a smart, protective home solution. IGUs improve home comfort, prevent condensation buildup and block noise pollution with an air pocket and insulating spacer. Low-E glass guards furniture and vulnerable home decor by reflecting UV rays and reducing the amount of transmitted light. These advanced options provide year-round savings and climate control support.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Extending the life of your glass saves you time and money. Prevent glass stains and scratches from mineral deposits, hard water and more by using Hydrophobic Coating glass treatment. Expect equal protection on granite and porcelain surfaces.

Window Tinting

Protect your home’s interior from harmful UV rays with home window tinting. This simple, energy-efficient solution prevents home decor from fading and costing you money in replacements.

Window Component Repair

Broken window mechanisms impair your enjoyment of windows. Rely on our team's ability to make quick repairs to all sash locks, balances, tilt latches and more.

Gain the Advantage

Receive exclusive services and savings through The Advantage Plan® from Glass Doctor of Huntsville. These include:

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Gain the advantage of home window renovations and more today. Serving Jasper, Northport, Alabaster and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Huntsville is always ready and equipped for window glass repair and replacement. Call 720-943-1146 or fill out an online service request form to receive immediate expertise.