Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Huntsville, AL

Glass Doctor® of Huntsville offers proactive glass care for area businesses and commercial properties. Our innovative programs reduce the time associated with glass replacement and repair. We consistently deliver custom solutions that empower area businesses with actionable, money-saving strategies.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Our Advanced Measurement system lowers your business' liability by improving your company’s recovery plan. Our specialists visit your property and record each window, storefront panel and display case. They are then cataloged according to size, placement and other characteristics to create a detailed plan of the premises. Copies of the diagram are provided to you so that in the event of an emergency, you will contact Glass Doctor of Huntsvilleand provide them the numbered item according to the diagram. This will provide us with the information we need in to check our inventory for that item. If a replacement is available, your business won’t suffer from weeks of unsightly, hazardous construction. We’ll bring the materials, conduct a full restoration immediately. Including our In-Stock option with your Advanced Measurement plan ensures that replacement items are available. We’ll maintain an inventory of your designated materials in order to expedite emergency repairs. Simply indicate which items you’d like pre-stocked to eliminate the ordering process.

Reduced Costs

In addition to improving emergency repair times, our proactive glass care program provides business solutions that reduce expenditures, including:

  • Professional account set-up: Pre-established credit, billing, and vendor requirements deliver speedy work from creation and completion.
  • Improved safety and security: Since the board-up process is by-passed, you won’t have to shepherd customers away from glass damage or worry about further violations while waiting for your glass replacement.
  • Reduced energy usage: Our proactive glass care service includes identifying items that would benefit from an upgrade. Replacing older exterior windows and doors with our energy-efficient options reduces your heating and cooling costs.
  • Merchandise shrinkage solutions: We provide laminate and glass tinting that prevents damage from ultraviolet (UV) light. Product displays are protected from fading and discoloration, and laminate peels protect your most vulnerable items.

Contact Glass Doctor of Huntsville today to schedule your free business consultation and discover the advantages of proactive glass care for your commercial property.