Auto Windshield Repair and Replacement

You are driving down the road when a rock bounces off your windshield. It seemed like just a small rock, but now, that divot in your windshield is a big problem. The windshield of your vehicle plays a vital role in keeping you safe during an accident, so repairing any damage should be a top priority.

windsheild repair

Auto Windshield Chip Repair

Several factors influence our recommendation for windshield chip repair versus windshield replacement, including the size of the crack or chip, where it is located, and how long it has been since the problem first occurred.

  • A crack that is smaller than three inches long can usually be repaired rather than needing a full replacement.
  • A windshield chip that is less than 3/8 of an inch deep is a good candidate for repair.
  • Glass Doctor works with your car insurance provider.
  • The auto glass specialists in Hot Springs, AR can usually get the job done within an hour.
  • Because a speedy repair job is the best way to handle windshield repair, insurance companies will usually waive the deductible and pay for the entire repair.
  • If your windshield is a candidate for repair, the specialist will clean the area, smooth it out and fill it with a special resin. The resin then cures and is polished for a clean, almost invisible look.

Windshield Replacement

Sometimes, a repair is not in your best interest. Larger damage or a crack that is near the edge of the windshield or in the driver's line of sight means your windshield should be completely replaced. The replacement process is where our glass replacement expertise shines. The Glass Doctor of Hot Springs specialists follows the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) standards, which are the industry's best guidelines. We will carefully remove your windshield, replacing it with one that meets the Original Equipment Equivalent's (OEE) specifications. Finally, we use AGSC-approved bonds to secure your new windshield. After an hour curing for an hour, your vehicle will look at good as new.

A Promise of Perfection with Every Replacement

When Glass Doctor of Hot Springs installs a new windshield, we expect you to enjoy the unblemished panes for months afterward. So, every windshield installation service includes our Windshield Protection Plan for free. If your new windshield is damaged in the next year, Glass Doctor of Hot Springs will repair chips and cracks for free. Additionally, if it is broken beyond repair, they will replace the glass once at no charge.

Don't put yourself and your family in danger with an unsafe windshield. When you have a windshield repair problem, call Glass Doctor of Hot Springs! Schedule your appointment today!