Industry Glass Solutions

Hot Springs, Arkansas and the surrounding area is known for beautiful spas, beautiful views and great businesses for visitors and residents alike. The professional teams from Glass Doctor® of Hot Springs will provide you the products and vision to make meeting your guests and residents expectations easy. Our Commercial Care program is ideal for saving you money and time on repairs and upgrades. We’re available when you need us, where you need us to keep your glass clear and your vision focused on your business.

Exceptional Glass Care for Every Business

Apartments and Condominiums

For short-term rentals or long-term residents, the expectation is the same: a beautiful place to live, work and play. Beautiful glass adds the extra dimension to take living spaces and common spaces from drab to luxurious. The experts at Glass Doctor of Hot Springs provide commercial glass care services for all your repair or remodel needs. Enhance bathrooms with new tub enclosures and mirrors. Redesign common areas with innovative glass solutions that are both safe and visually pleasing. We even offer special discounts on auto glass repair for our customer’s residents.

apartment windows


High dining or fast food, there is no doubt that the right glass creates a beautiful space for guests to eat. Plate glass, specialty mirrors and gorgeous glass shelves liven up the decor. Tinted or treated UV glass controls lighting and protects your other decor, plus keeps heating and cooling costs down. From repair to redesign, Glass Doctor of Hot Springs will help you choose windbreaks for outdoor areas and tabletops for indoor seating that will make your staff and guests happy.

Schools and Universities

Schools have unique glass which address the concerns of security, beauty and safety. Glass Doctor of Hot Springs provides quality commercial glass care to make sure students and teachers are safe while they learn and work. Call our experts to learn about specialty laboratory and safety glass. Create beautiful showcases for highlight achievements and awards. Spruce up dorms and on-campus housing with beautiful and easy to maintain bathroom, window and door glass. Let your glass magnify their learning experience.


Profit margins in retail are slim, add low-emissivity (Low-E) window units to decrease overhead cost and protect your products from fading. Taking advantage of membership discounted repairs will lower your cost of doing business while increasing the appeal of shop. Glass Doctor of Hot Springs will assess your current space and offer solutions for how our teams help you strengthen your bottom line, increase your security and show off your unique style.

Hotels and Motels

Give your guests the best when they visit Hot Springs for work or play. Use decorative wall mirrors and bathroom enclosures to create inviting room spaces. Make gyms and common areas shine with high quality specialty glass that’s safe and beautiful. Call our teams to create a space that will keep guests coming back.

Cities and Municipalities

Your constituents expect a beautiful city and a balanced budget. Glass Doctor of Hot Springs provides commercial glass care for new construction and remodels. Call us to assess the ways that new or repaired glass can help you save money, be more environmentally friend while still making your public buildings shine.

Glass Doctor of Hot Springs is dedicated to glass care easy for every business. Call today to schedule a consultation.