Advance Measurement System

Prepare for the worst with the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Hot Springs. When your business signs up for this proactive glass care plan, our glass specialists will peruse your facility and measure all glass panes, including doors, windows, shelves, display cases and other products. We'll note the kind of glass needed for each pane, as well as any safety glass requirements. With this information, we'll create a numbered diagram of your facility and its glass.

Proactive Glass Care

Whenever your glass breaks, call and give us the number on the diagram that corresponds with the broken pane. We'll check the desired pane against what we have in stock. If we have the pane ready, we'll replace the glass immediately, without resorting to an board-up service.

What's more, when you set up one of these proactive glass care plans with us, we'll take your contact and credit information. This further speeds along the glass replacement process and prevents billing conflicts.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

In addition to saving time, money and keeping your business looking its best, you'll reap the benefits of safety and security from reliable glass repair. The Advance Measurement system reduces the risk your customers and employees will be injured by broken glass. You'll prevent your business from experiencing further theft and vandalism.

Don't let broken glass take you by surprise. Contact us today about the Advance Measurement System, and be ready for anything.