Double Pane Windows

As soon as you recognize the signs of a broken window seal or damage to the glass, contact the glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Hot Springs for double pane window replacement. Damage includes chips or cracks in the glass, as well as broken glass. In most cases, we can replace the glass and seal within the existing window frame, using the existing grid, to save you money. Glass Doctor® of Hot Springs also installs insulated windows that prevent energy leaks and improve the energy efficiency of your home. From window installations to window replacement, we offer comprehensive glass solutions designed to save you money and maintain the comfort levels in your home.

What is a Double Pane Window?

double pane window

A double pane window is a type of insulated glass unit that is available at Glass Doctor of Hot Springs. It consists of two panes of glass that an insulating spacer with a desiccant material separates; the desiccant absorbs moisture. When our glass specialists install double pane windows, they use a high-quality sealant to block moisture and prevent energy leaks. If it’s the right solution for you, glass specialists will add a non-toxic gas, such as krypton or argon, to insulate the window further.

In the summer, the space between the pieces of glass in double-pane windows traps the warm outside air and slows heat transfers. This prevents warm air from entering your air-conditioned home. Similarly, in the winter, the windows prevent the warm air in your home from escaping.

If you notice water droplets, fog or a milky appearance between the panes of glass, you’ll need a double pane window replacement because a window seal is broken or loose. Reasons for this happening include:​

  • Age
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Low seal quality
  • Improper seal installation

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Energy Efficiency

Air leaks can account for up to 40% of a home’s heating and cooling losses. If you have traditional windows, outside temperatures affect indoor temperatures because of heat exchanges. Operating a heating and cooling system in a home that experiences energy losses is like letting money slip through the cracks because the HVAC system has to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. When the unit works harder, it uses more energy and increases your carbon footprint.

Double pane windows reduce and prevent air and energy leaks while limiting the wear and tear on your HVAC unit. While your home may not feel substantially different after you install IGUs, you’ll notice the difference when you receive the power bill.

Quieter Indoor Environment

In addition to blocking outside temperatures, double pane windows block out noise pollution. Homeowners enjoy this benefit when they have noisy neighbors or loud street traffic.

Sun Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause fading and discoloration over time. Double pane windows prevent sun-related damage on furniture and other belongings while allowing natural light to fill a room.

Whether you want to upgrade the windows in your Hot Springs home or seek window replacement services, you can count on Glass Doctor of Hot Springs for all your glass-related needs. Call us at (501) 622-3135 or fill out our online form to schedule an in-home consultation.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.