Door Closer Repair Service

Door closers that work properly create a positive first impression as a customer enters your business. They ensure that doors open and close safely and securely while keeping a strong seal that blocks air transfer. Without the proper door closer care, however, entryways can develop a variety of problems that interfere with their performance, creating a hazard as well a poor image for your business. Trust Glass Doctor® of Hot Springs to provide the door closer care needed to keep your doors operating exactly as they're designed.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers are designed to allow users to easily open a door as they feel a slight resistance. The door should smoothly open without jarring and with minimal effort. After the user passes through the doorway, a door closer gently shuts the door automatically.

Door Closer Repair

Door closers are more intricate than they may seem, and issues arise from a variety of causes. A problem with one part of the door closer often leads to damage to other parts or to the door or frame. As a result, an important component of properly caring for door closers includes identifying and fixing repairs as soon as possible.

Incorrect types of door closers: Door closers should have the proper type of spring when they're installed, but if they don't, they should be replaced.A large, heavy, or wide door requires a strong spring to control it. A spring that isn't strong enough can make the door close suddenly, causing injury to the user and damage to the closer or door.

Improperly installed and adjusted door closers: Investing in door closer installation and adjustment services helps avoid problems before they start. Our specialists are well trained and equipped to properly install new door closers and to maintain, adjust, and repair the ones your business already has in use. This extends the lifespan of your closers as well as the doors themselves, preventing problems such as door frame damage, misalignment issues, and sudden or unexpected door movement.

Seal repairs and low oil levels: Broken seals allow climate-controlled air to escape your business and let cold or hot air from the outside work its way in. This raises your heating and cooling bills and lets uncomfortable hot or cold drafts of air enter your business. In addition, broken seals cause problems such as hardware damage and oil leaks.

A lack of sufficient lubrication also makes your door more likely to open or close too suddenly, putting users at risk of injury. This situation puts you at risk of having to defend against an injury-related lawsuit. Our specialists will check and replace the oil as needed so your doors will avoid damage and your customers and employees are safe from injury.

Difficult to lock doors: A door that's difficult to lock creates an obvious security risk. Employees will be unable to secure the premises or will simply stop trying if it's too difficult. The issue also affects the performance of the entire door, including the frame, lock, and door closer.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Trusting your door closer care to a non-professional will void any existing warranty you may have on your closer, and your door could suffer damage from improper maintenance or repairs. In addition, your customers and employees could be injured if the work isn't done correctly.

Contact Glass Doctor of Hot Springs today to find out more about our door closer care services. Our specialists will keep your doors well maintained and repaired, extending their longevity and increasing their safety.