Shower Door Installation

A beautifully designed glass shower door or tub enclosure creates a beautiful and functional centerpiece for any modern bathroom design. It helps tie all of the different components of the room together, direct the light to maximize brightness, and significantly increases the home's value. Whether you need basic designs, simple framed shower doors or customized glass enclosures, Glass Doctor® of The Bay Area offers plenty of styles and pricing options.

The highly trained glass experts at Glass Doctor will walk you through every step of the process: design plans, budget constraints, installation limitations, and all necessary post maintenance. Before designing your new and elegant shower enclosure, let our glass specialists help you make the best choices by considering a few factors:

  • Configuration: One important factor to consider as you begin your plans is what material your bathroom walls are made of. This will help our glass experts determine how much weight the bathroom walls can safely support.
  • Shower Heads: An overlooked aspect of designing a shower enclosure is picking the right shower head. You do not want a shower head that sprays water over the enclosure, out the door or makes too much of a mess when you are trying to take your shower.
  • Measurements: You can take measurements yourself, but there is a high risk for error and mistake. A better option is to let the experts at Glass Doctor of The Bay Area come out and take detailed measurements and notes about your bathroom, decoration and remodeling plans.
  • Ventilation: Without ensuring that your bathroom has ample ventilation, moisture can quickly build up, paint can peel and mold and mildew can grow. Be sure to take advantage of the ventilation assistance Glass Doctor of The Bay Area can provide.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Glass Doctor of The Bay Area provides ideas to help you create your ideal shower enclosure, including:

When it is time to begin the process of designing and installing your modern bathroom plans, Glass Doctor offers in-home consultations before any job begins. Find the shower or tub enclosure that works best for your bathroom layout and needs. Call us today or schedule an appointment online