Auto Glass Care

Every time you hit the road, you depend on your windshield, windows, and mirrors to help you navigate The Bay Area safely. If your auto glass cracks, chips, or breaks, your only option is to schedule a repair or replacement immediately.

At Glass Doctor® of The Bay Area, we know how important it is to act fast and restore your vehicle to its original condition. We use high-quality tools, materials, and methods in order to guarantee clarity and prevent future complications. Our specialists are trained to pay attention to every detail, and we always do our best to accommodate your schedule and expedite your service.

Learn more about the comprehensive auto glass care, repair, and replacement services that we provide, both on-site and in our shop.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Any crack or chip in your windshield is an immediate driving hazard. We will repair your windshield, if at all possible because we know it's important to preserve your original features and save time and money. However, you may not realize your damage is irreparable; certain conditions will require us to perform a full windshield replacement.

For example, even if a glass imperfection is tiny, its location may turn it into a safety risk or legal violation. A tiny chip will still interfere with your depth perception if it's right in your line of sight, and repair resin will do the same. Similarly, if a crack is too close to the edge, it may spread slightly and cause a minuscule gap between your windshield, its adhesive, and your vehicle's frame.

Fortunately, Glass Doctor of The Bay Area specializes in windshield and car window replacement. If we do need to replace your entire windshield, we'll make sure the new pane has the same exact features, dimensions, thickness, and strength as your original glass.

Auto Glass Replacement

Windshields are usually made of laminated glass, which allows us to repair small imperfections and prevents the glass from shattering. However, your car windows are most likely made of tempered glass. Though it doesn't stay in place when damage happens, it does break into small, dull chunks instead of shattering into sharp shards.

Often windows are broken by vandals; we will restore your car's security with new windows. After this happens, you'll need a replacement as soon as possible. We replace side windows and quarter glass panes, as well as back windshields, sunroofs, and mirrors. Glass Doctor of The Bay Area will even take care of the insurance paperwork and make sure we give you an accurate and fair price before beginning the replacement process.

Auto Glass Protection Options

Your windshield is already responsible for maintaining your car's structural integrity and protecting you from flying debris and extreme weather. However, if you want to add to the protective power of your auto glass, Glass Doctor of The Bay Area has a variety of auto glass care options for you.

Ask us to add a layer of Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant if you want to improve your visibility during rain or sleet and reduce your maintenance needs. Hydrophobic Coating will protect your glass from mineral deposits, water stains, scratches and other contaminants. Another option is our Windshield Protection Plan, a simple option with extensive coverage!

Contact our team today to schedule your car window repair or windshield care. We will work with your schedule to ensure your vehicle is restored as soon as possible.