Double Pane Windows

The constantly fluctuating outside temperatures can make it difficult to control the inside temperature in older homes. Double pane windows, otherwise known as insulated glass units (IGUs), combat the outside climate and help maintain a consistent temperature inside keeping your home more energy-efficient. If you notice drafty rooms caused by your old windows, it’s time to contact the glass specialists at Glass Doctor of The Bay Area in Hayward.

A “cloudy” window is caused when the seal in the pane has failed to trigger the vacuum to escape and allowing moisture to collect in between the panes. Poor installation or extreme climate changes can cause the seal to fail.

Insulated Glass Replacement

double pane window

Insulated glass units aid your home in reducing your electricity bill through properly insulating your windows. An IGU is comprised of a spacer in between two pieces of glass and a seal, which fillings the gaps between the spacer and glass. Some spacers are filled with a desiccant otherwise known as a warm-edge glass spacer.

A high-grade sealant is put around the perimeter of the IGU to keep moisture and outside air from getting into the panes.

If your current windows contain the existing frames Glass Doctor of The Bay Area can replace the single pane instead of the entire window costing you much less! Schedule an appointment with us for an in-home inspection of your double pane windows! 

Keep the frame, replace the glass.