Custom Cut Glass

Glass Doctor® of The Bay Area provides customers in Hayward, Union City, Dublin and surrounding areas with custom cut glass pieces for your home. We specialize in the design and installation of glass decor for the home. These services include not only expert repair of existing items such as shower doors and bathtub enclosures, glass table tops, mirrors, shelving and glass doors, but also the creation and installation of new glass work that can go a long way to aiding in the renovation and modernization of your Hayward home.

Glass Table Tops and Shelves

Glass table tops add a distinctive look and a see-through layer of protection to new or existing furniture. We have the expertise to design and cut a wide range of sizes and shapes of glass at a precise thickness and with custom edges. Our glass specialists will come to your home for a professional consultation and, together, you can determine what custom glass applications best suit your specific decor design ideas.

Adding glass shelves in different areas of your home can produce a truly unique effect and can be perfect for bathrooms, kitchens or living areas. Glass shelves provide a pleasant appearance and are both durable and economical.

Options for the creation of glass table tops and shelves include not only size, shape, thickness and edge-design, but may also include a variety of different glass types such as:

  • Tempered safety glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Tinted or specially coated glass

Custom Mirrors

Custom-designed mirrors can be used to a great effect in just about any home to produce a certain expansive feeling in any particular area. Mirrors for the bathroom can be tied in with a matching look to the windows and the shelves in that room. Strategically placed mirrors in the living room or den can virtually double the apparent space, giving the illusion of greater distances between walls.

When you think about it, a mirror upgrade works just about anywhere and can include:

  • Hanging Mirrors, including custom-cut mirrored picture frames
  • Closet Mirrors, with a full-length view
  • Bathroom Mirrors, standard or custom-made to order
  • Full Wall Mirrors

Additionally, glass table tops and shelves can be made with mirrored glass for a unique look. When you're designing your mirrors along with one of our glass specialists you can choose options such as beveled edges, a decorative antique look or tinted glass.

custom mirror

Patio and French Doors

Whether your home features a glass patio door, French doors or an entry door that has glass panels, they're all subject to damage and, if that happens, Glass Doctor of The Bay Area in Hayward is here to help. We can repair or replace broken door glass and have access to many types of glass from the top manufacturers. Special glass that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements will be used to provide added energy efficiency, extra strength against hurricane winds and prevention against shattering glass. Adding something special to your entryway door can have a big impact on guests first entering the home. Installing matching decorative glass panels on either side of your entry door is one fun option.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass is a type of glass that incorporates a thin layer of a special metal designed to reduce the intensity of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrating the glass. UV rays are responsible for fading your home's curtains and carpets. Low-E glass not only reduces this fading problem, but also lessens heat (and cold) transfer through the glass. You have the option of using Low-E for your patio or French doors and, more importantly, you can install Low-E glass on every exterior window. We do it all!

For glass tabletops, mirrors, glass shelves, patio doors and more, Glass Doctor of The Bay Area is here in Hayward and ready to help. Give us a call at 510-362-7992 or schedule an appointment to discuss your options!