Security Film

It’s hard to imagine a business that doesn’t utilize glass in some way. Glass is durable, versatile and attractive, giving businesses an instant upgrade. But its main function is to shield your employees, customers, furnishings and merchandise from the elements. Glass helps protect against vandalism, break-ins and weather, while making your business more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting makes your windows perform even better while maintaining their attractive appearance. Trust Glass Doctor® of The Bay Area specialists to upgrade your existing windows with tinting, or have this option included when you’re replacing your windows. You'll reap the following benefits:

Reduced Glare

Uncomfortable glare from the sun is reduced with window film, making your business more comfortable for employees. They won’t have to fight the glare to see their computer monitors or TVs in a conference room. Tinting also protects your furnishings and merchandise from sun-related fading.

Greater Comfort

Window tinting lowers sun-heated air temperatures in the summer, making your business more comfortable and lowering your air conditioning costs. Tinting won’t compromise your warmed air when you need it in the winter.

Increased Privacy

Tinted windows in strategic locations help your business still maintain its attractive, bright appearance while increasing privacy. Tinting can keep outsiders from seeing valuable merchandise. It’s also an ideal solution for dental or medical offices, since it lets patients see outside while keeping the room shielded from people outside the building.

Enhanced Safety

Security film offers your employees and customers greater protection from glass shards in case a window shatters and may help make you less likely to face legal action as a result of injury.

Lessened Dependence on Artificial Lighting

Our sunlight-redirecting film allows your business to become greener by utilizing more natural light, bringing it farther into your building and redirecting it toward the ceiling. The result is soft, natural light with reduced glare. You’ll be less reliant on artificial lighting during the day, resulting in a savings on your energy bill. Increased natural light has even been linked to greater productivity and even increased purchases!

Lower Replacement Costs

If your window is damaged due to graffiti, you’ll only need to replace the security film, not the glass. The damage won’t need boarding up since your glass will remain intact, and your costs will be cheaper as a result.

Contact Glass Doctor of The Bay Area to learn more about security film and the benefits it can provide your business in Hayward and surrounding areas. Our specialists will expertly plan and install tinting and other glass products that meet your business' unique needs.

*Each state has its own laws and regulations for windows’ visible light transmission (VLT) and commercial window tinting. Glass Doctor window tinting and security film materials do not protect against damage from high winds or wind-borne debris.