Glass Table Tops

One of the simplest, yet most elegant, ways to dress up a dining table or patio table is with custom glass tabletops by Glass Doctor® of the Bay Area. A glossy glass tabletop will also protect the table beneath from wear and tear, and clean up in seconds. Make your life easier, and your rooms brighter and more beautiful with custom glass work made to your exact specifications.

The Expertise You Need

Glass Doctor of the Bay Area is staffed with true specialists in glass design and workmanship. We can execute your vision for the ideal glass table top or present you with ideas to inspire you. Once the design is firmly in mind, our team takes exacting measurements and installs table tops to perfectly fit your household or business needs, while complimenting your table and other furnishings. When creating custom glass table tops, display cases or shelving, we keep practical concerns in mind, ensuring that the glass is the proper weight to sit on your table or provide functional, beautiful shelving. We'll recommend tempered, laminated or safety glass when advisable. Consider a custom glass table top for your:

Graphic of different glass edges
  • Dining table, kitchen table or breakfast table
  • Patio table
  • Writing or computer desk
  • Coffee and end tables
  • Antique furniture
  • Meeting room table

Protection and Style Options

  • Glass tinting: Tinted glass diminishes the effect of direct sun on your furniture.
  • Shatter-resistant safety glass: Tables intended for outdoor use call for a specialty glass solution, which shatters safely if an accident occurs.

Bespoke Shelving

Custom shelving offers a unique, built-in look that perfectly fits your space and design preferences. Custom shelves from Glass Doctor of the Bay Area clearly outshine generic, home store models. Our quality and workmanship are unsurpassed.

Combining Form and Function

Bring a look of striking style and custom-made utility to a variety of spaces at your home or business. Our clever and style-conscious designs allow you to:

  • Create the custom look you desire to set your place apart from the rest.
  • Make clever use of room areas that might otherwise go to waste, whether in an interesting alcove, a space up high above other furnishings or below typical eye level.
  • Enjoy well-designed shelving that fits your intended use optimally, so that items are properly displayed, uncrowded and shown to their best advantage.
  • Display items on attractive, one-of-a kind shelving that incorporates tinting, colored glass, custom finished edges and unique shelving shapes and sizes.

When store-bought shelving just won't do. Contact Glass Doctor of the Bay Area for your in-home consultation about custom glass table tops today.