Door Closer Repair Service

Your customers’ first impression of your business begins when they walk through your door, and it doesn’t end until they walk out that same door. Even if you deliver excellent customer service, a door that’s hard to open can erase a good impression, opens too easily or slams shut. As a business owner, however, you have too many other details to be concerned with to become an expert in door closer repair. That’s why you should trust your door closer repair and maintenance to Glass Doctor® of The Bay Area. Our specialists will ensure your doors operate as intended in Hayward and surrounding areas, protecting the safety of your customers and employees.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers are designed to let customers easily enter your business with a simple push on the door. They’ll feel slight resistance, after which the door should open smoothly. A spring in the door closer allows the door to shut gently and safely behind the user.

Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

Doors operate safely only when they have the correct closer and springs installed. For example, a heavy door requires a strong door closer with a strong spring. Otherwise, it could not only damage the door or closer, but also injure your customers or employees.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Our specialists have the training, tools and experience to properly install and maintain your door closers. We’ll ensure that the right closers and springs are used for each door and keep them in proper working condition.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Doors with broken seals have clearance gaps that make your business less comfortable and energy efficient. Broken seals and hardware problems, such as missing screws, can cause oil leaks. The lack of lubrication can cause a door to open or close too quickly, leaving users vulnerable to injury and the door prone to damage.

Door is Difficult to Lock

A door that doesn’t lock easily and smoothly makes your business vulnerable to break-ins. If employees can’t lock the door securely, or simply stop trying because it’s too difficult, your lock is rendered useless. Other components of the door, such as the frame and closer, can also develop problems as a result.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Our door closer repair and maintenance services let you worry about all the other aspects of your business and leave the door closers to us. Our specialists are experts in installing, maintaining and repairing door closers, and by using our services; you’ll ensure that you’re not voiding any warranties that may cover your closers. We’ll make sure your doors operate smoothly and safely, letting your business avoid damage, break-ins, injuries to customers or employees, and even possible legal action.

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of The Bay Area to learn how we can help your Hayward business make a good first and last impression with door closers that operate smoothly and safely.