Auto Glass Care

Driving with damaged glass is never a good idea. Even the smallest cracks may compromise your visibility and accident safety, so it's crucial to act quickly when you spot imperfections. If your windshield, windows, or sunroof have flaws, Glass Doctor® of Northeast Michigan has the solutions you need.

Our glass specialists are friendly, talented experts who follow all Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) standards. We put your needs first, using only the best tools and technologies to provide the best car glass repair services throughout Hale, MI.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Your windshield is responsible for up to 60% of your vehicle's structural integrity. A cracked or chipped windshield must be completely intact to maximize your protection during head-on collisions and rollover accidents. Fortunately, we work quickly and thoroughly to fill in small imperfections. We even handle the insurance paperwork to make sure your car glass repair costs are covered.

If the damage is too extensive or located in your line of sight, repairs won't be enough to restore your driving safety. In these cases, we make sure your windshield replacement is match to the factory-issued original. Our specialists will install a brand new pane with the same dimensions, temperature sensors, antennas, gauges, and other features.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Of course, our auto glass solutions aren't limited to front windshields. We also replace shattered passenger windows, quarter glass windows, back windshields, and sunroofs. This glass is often tempered for safety reasons, so it shatters into small, dull chunks and must be replaced with a brand new pane. Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan has the tempered glass panes and precise tools that your car needs to restore these windows to their original condition.

Auto Glass Protection

​Our windshield installations are always covered by our Windshield Protection Plan. If your new windshield breaks within twelve months of the initial installation, we'll cover the replacement pane free of charge. However, many of our customers opt for additional protections, such as our comprehensive Future Installation Plan. This plan also covers a new pair of wiper blades, a coat of Hydrophobic Coating protectant to shield your glass from scratches and stains, and costs associated with labor. No matter which plan you choose you always have the option of adding a layer of Hydrophobic Coating treatment. In addition to resisting permanent imperfections, it will wick away pollutants and mineral deposits for up to five years.

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