Advance Measurement System

Disaster can strike at any time, so it’s important for your business to be prepared in advance. Glass Doctor® of Northeast Michigan makes it easy for Hale, MI, business owners to include glass repair and replacement as part of their business recovery plan. Including this component is vital to the smooth, safe, fast recuperation of your business after a disaster.

Affects of broken glass on a business:

Lost business: You may have to close until you get your glass repaired or replaced.

Negative impression: Broken glass isn’t the impression you want to give your customers. If a prospective customer sees glass damage, he or she may walk on by and not return a second time.

Unsafe conditions and liability: Employees and customers are at risk for injury.

Security problems: Broken glass makes your business more vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism.

Costly damage: If weather or insect damage affects your products you lose inventory.

Advance Measurement System

Let Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan protect your Hale, MI, business with our Advance Measurement system. This essential component of your business recovery plan ensures faster glass repair and replacement in the event of a disaster, making your business’ recuperation proceed more quickly.

Sign up for the Advance Measurement program to enjoy exclusive services:

Survey and measurement: Our specialists will inspect your business in advance to precisely measure all the glass in your facility. We’ll include windows, doors and any other glass products.

Diagram creation: We’ll create a diagram showing the exact location of all your glass, assigning each piece of glass a number. Our specialists will make a note of each type and size of glass as well as any safety glass requirements.

Benefits of Joining

After your diagram is placed on file, you’ll have a proactive plan that helps your business.

Faster emergency repairs: When you have glass breakage, call Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan anytime, any day. We’ll be able to match the number on your diagram to the exact glass you need. If the glass is in stock, we’ll be able to respond and install it quickly in just one visit.

Continuity of operation: Your business will be able to operate as usual, with minimal sale losses.

No board-up: You’ll avoid a board-up, since we’ll be able to bring your glass without delay. While a board-up helps protect your business, it isn't a long-term solution.

Savings: You’ll save the time, trouble, and expense of a delay while we measure your glass, order it and return to replace it. With our Advance Measurement system, we’ll install your glass in just one trip.

Expedited process: You can pre-establish your contact information and credit information, which will make the process go even more quickly.

Protect your business before disaster strikes. Schedule an advance measurement inspection today.

In-Stock Options

If you have glass that is frequently damaged, we’ll pre-order it. Our In-Stock program will ensure that when you need it, your glass will be ready for us to bring out.

Contact Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan to create a business recovery plan. You’ll be able to come back from a disaster as quickly and easily as possible with your Advance Measurement system plan.