Window Repair & Replacement

When your Hale home's glass shatters or cracks, the team of specialists at Glass Doctor® of Northeast Michigan are ready to respond, day or night. We are renowned for providing outstanding customer service, competitive prices and top-quality window repair or replacement. Schedule an appointment with our seasoned experts and receive an accurate cost estimate up-front. Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan strives to remain a local leader in all aspects of window replacement and repair.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

When a window shatters, it's seldom a convenient time. That's why our glass specialists are ready to respond any time to accommodate you. We will arrive ready to repair your pane. If the pane cannot be repaired due to the unique nature of the window or the severity of the damage, our specialist will board up shattered windows until your window pane arrives to be installed. After securing the premises, our specialist will clear the area of any shards or debris.

Double Pane Window Repair

If you've noticed excess condensation building up between the panes of your windows, it may be caused by a broken seal or aged glass. Our specialists have years of experience evaluating windows for damage and will look for any signs of potential trouble. Old, weathered or damaged windows will create an uncomfortable indoor environment, waste money on energy costs and cause your home's curb appeal to plummet. We'll restore your panes with window repair.

Custom Glass Repair

Aside from windows, Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan will also repair or install specialty glass such as tabletops, mirrors, door glass, cabinets and much more. We are able to cut glass according the specific size, shape and thickness you require.

Window Replacement

Our glass specialists know how to improve your home's comfort and efficiency by replacing windows with more cutting-edge options. We provide a wide array of insulated glass units (IGUs) such as double pane and triple pane windows.

Window Upgrades

To enjoy lower energy costs and a more inviting indoor environment, upgrading to IGUs and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows is an excellent choice. Both of these upgrades will keep your Hale home airtight, which reduce the workload on your heater or air conditioning unit. Noise pollution is controlled through these special panes. If you need one or more windows replaced in your Hale home, consider upgrading to these improved options.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Treatment

Protect your new windows or glass doors from damage; invest in our glass treatment. A single application protects your glass, tile, granite and porcelain surfaces from hard water, mineral deposits or various pollutants for years.


Protect your home's upholstery, sensitive furniture and antiques from harmful UV rays with the addition of glass window tints. Tinted windows will also reduce heat gain and work to save you money on energy bills all year long.

Window Component Repair

For windows with faulty or broken latches or locks, our glass specialists have all the necessary tools and components to get your window working like new again.

The Advantage Plan

With Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan, customers can enjoy additional benefits with our Advantage Plan, which includes:

  • Priority scheduling,
  • Discounts and savings on services and future repairs,
  • A free home inspection and
  • A breakage guarantee for the length of your membership.

For outstanding craftsmanship and customer service, contact Glass Doctor of Northeast Michigan over the phone today or simply fill out an online service request.