Commercial Door Closer Service

The door to your business provides a valuable first impression. Glass Doctor® of The Gulf Coast will keep your door opening smoothly. We provide manual door closer repair and maintenance, so your door will open and close easily and safely.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer allows you to easily open a door without having to close it yourself. If your door closer is properly installed, you'll feel some resistance as you open the door, but the door will open smoothly. When you stop applying pressure to the door, a spring activates that causes the door to close gently.

Common Door Closer Repair Situations

Our skilled specialists use the proper tools to install door closers and perform door closer repair and maintenance. Unskilled practitioners, or improper tools, cause a number of common door closer repair issues, including doorframe damage, misalignments and abnormal or unexpected door movements.

Incorrect Type of Door Closer

If your door is particularly heavy, you'll need a strong door closer with a sturdy spring. Otherwise, the door may pose a safety risk. An improper door closer may also cause a misalignment which can damage the closer or the door.

Broken Seals and Low Oil Levels

If a seal is broken, there may be a clearance gap or a lubricant leak, which makes the door's hardware vulnerable to damage. An oil leak usually indicates a problem such as a missing screw, a broken O-ring or a failed seal.

For safety's sake, always have a professional lubricate a door closer. If the door closer does not have enough oil, the door will close or open too quickly, which is dangerous.

Door is Difficult to Lock

In addition to posing a security risk, a door that's difficult to lock can damage the door frame, the door closer and the locking mechanism.

Door Closer Repair Services

You risk voiding your door closer's warranty if an untrained individual service the door. We train our specialists extensively, so they will safely install, maintain and repair your door closer. This ensures that your components are well-maintained, safe and assures their longevity. Our specialists will provide assistance with door frames, thresholds, glass hinges and other hardware.

Don't risk damaging your door's delicate closing mechanism. Schedule an appointment today to talk about how to make sure your door opens and closes smoothly.