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Planning Your Shower Project


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Plan ahead to ensure your shower will drain correctly

When considering remodeling a bathroom, many things need to be considered. The most obvious topics are colors, tile/marble options and overall layout. Walk-in showers have become very popular, and are taking the place of bathtubs in many remodels. A lot of time can be spent on ideas such as benches, shelves or cubby holes, partial walls, overall shape, and the list goes on. Homeowners have to take many things into consideration in order to get the desired outcome.

Coming up with a design is just the beginning. Homeowners must decide who will tackle the job. Since cost is often a major factor in the scope of the work, all sorts of contractors, handymen, and friends are brought in to give prices and ideas. Some even decide to take on the project themselves. While all of these can be viable options, there are a few details any of these service providers can overlook. Details like walls being perfectly plumb and tiles being aligned properly for glass fitment and water drainage can make the final result amazing or very disappointing. These details affect the cosmetics as well as the performance of your new shower.

Uneven tiles and bowed walls make unsightly gaps when a straight cut piece of glass is installed. While these can sometimes be overcome with changes in the cut of the glass, fabrication costs can add up quickly. All horizontal surfaces that will catch water should be pitched or slanted toward the inside of the shower for proper drainage, including the curb or threshold. If not, water can pool in some areas and make cleaning more difficult. Even worse, water can run out of the shower onto the floor, creating a real mess. When tackling a shower project, make sure the tile installer is familiar with showers and all of their quirks.