ADAS Camera Calibration

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems cameras or sensors are typically located in the front near the rear-view mirror, the back near the license plate and on the side of the vehicle near the mirrors. Since ADAS cameras work in conjunction with ADAS sensors and radar systems, calibration is often needed to verify that all of the vehicle’s driver-assist systems are functioning correctly. Glass Doctor of The Gulf Coast performs a pre-scan of your vehicle’s ADAS systems to ensure they are operating correctly before we proceed with the windshield replacement. Our specialists replace your windshield with auto glass that meets or exceeds AGRSS/ANSI standards and calibrate your ADAS camera after your windshield has been replaced. We will then perform a post-scan of your vehicle’s ADAS sensors to ensure they are again operating correctly.

How long does the ADAS Camera Calibration process take?

The time of the process depends on the type of vehicle, but most calibrations take an average of one to two hours. At Glass Doctor of The Gulf Coast we perform both static calibrations (target board calibration) and dynamic calibrations (on-road). Some vehicles require both the static and dynamic calibration process.

ADAS Calibration Cost

The ADAS camera system calibration can cost anywhere between $150-$650, depending on the complexity of the system and the geographic location of the vehicle.

ADAS Calibration System

Glass Doctor of The Gulf Coast currently uses the Opt-Aim™ Calibration System. This system was designed by NSG (Pilkington), one of the most dominant original equipment windshield manufacturers who designed and engineered the ADAS system.

ADAS Calibration Training

Glass Doctor of The Gulf Coast specialists go through extensive calibration training focused on the Opti-Aim system provided by NSG (Pilkington).

CAUTION: Failure to calibrate ADAS System may result in causing an accident subject to injury or death.