Window Repair & Replacement

Don’t let damaged glass crack your composure. Glass Doctor® of Grosse Pointe, MI, will restore your serenity with professional and courteous window glass replacement. Our experts will walk you through the services you need, when you need them. We guide you through selecting the window repairs or replacements that meet your needs and your budget, with no hidden costs to cloud the process.

Window Repair

Emergency Services

Broken windows are nerve shattering at any hour. Our specialists are on hand day and night; ready to re-secure your perimeter and your peace of mind. Whenever possible, we’ll complete emergency window glass repair on the spot, but if you need window glass that must be ordered, we’ll board and clean up the area immediately. Once your home is secure, we’ll schedule a time that works for you to complete the repair.

Double Pane Window Repair

Just because the cracks in your window don't show, doesn’t mean it isn’t broken. Double pane windows are a great money saver, but broken seals lead to dinghy windows and diminish the insulation of the unit. Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI will guide you through your repair options. Usually, we can restore function with glass replacement, but we offer total window replacement if the frame is damaged.

Specialty Glass Repair

Before you start your home makeover consult with the Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI team. We create custom glass options, which brighten and beautify rooms without going over budget. Glass cabinets, mirrors and custom glass bathroom enclosures provide dramatic new looks to your space. Lighten up garages and entryways with glass for garage doors, patios and side windows that match specialty door glass designs.

Window Replacement & Upgrades

Double pane windows are one of window options we use to replace and upgrade your home. Ask a specialist if low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is an appropriate option for your home. These panes protect your furniture and reduce climate control costs by limiting UV light.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Hydrophobic Coating glass protectant reduces the toll normal wear takes on your porcelain, granite, tile, and glass. One application can protect your surface for up to five years, which makes your initial investment look beautiful longer too.


Glass tinting gives you the benefits of Low-E windows without the cost of replacement. Limit UVA and UVB rays to keep your carpets, furniture and artwork looking great.

Window Component Repair

Windows are more than just glass. Our team will identify and solve problems with locks and frozen tracks. We promise to repair balances, window sashes and tilt latches.

Gain the Advantage

Glass Doctor® of Grosse Pointe, MI proudly offers members The Advantage Plan® to local residents. Sign up today to receive a variety of member-only benefits:

  • Go to the head of the line with priority scheduling for your window glass repair needs.
  • Save big with discounts.
  • Get a check-up with a free home inspection.
  • Stay worry free with a membership long breakage guarantee.

Count on Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI specialists to keep your window seals, glass panes and decor in excellent condition. Call us to discuss your glass options or set an appointment online now!