Industry Glass Solutions

Living and working in Michigan guarantees your property and vehicles encounter weather extremes. As a local business, Glass Doctor®of Grosse Pointe, MI believes in business-to-business support, and our trained glass professionals serve every size business in Grosse Pointe. We offer several commercial glass care programs and services that can be customized to work best for your company, whether you're a national franchise or a small business. Our Customer Care program gives you 24/7 emergency response priority when there's area-wide hail or storm damage, as well as discounts for property, fleet, or vehicle glass repair or replacement.

Commercial Glass Care in Grosse Pointe

Multi-family Housing

Apartments and condominium complexes have specific safety requirements for their private and communal living areas. Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI understands consistency in appearance and quality is important. We offer expert care for interior and exterior glass features. Ask us about safety backing for mirrors and security film that keeps glass pieces clinging together when breakage occurs, reducing the risk of harm to children and pets. Your residents can also receive 15% discount on auto glass services!

Restaurants and Food Service

We provide a professional assessment of your dining facility's plate glass windows, custom glass units and mirrors! With the Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI Advance Measurement system, we pre-measure all glass including doors, partitions, windbreaks and outside dining glass-topped tables, and may be able to keep your frequently broken glass in-stock for faster installation. Specialty glass, like sneeze guards and drive-up windows, can be repaired or replaced faster than you think! In an emergency, your contact and insurance information will be on-file, and we'll handle all insurance paperwork, if possible.

apartment windows

Educational Institutions

Safety is our greatest priority when we care for glass at a school. Trust our team to install or replace classroom windows, doors and laboratory glass. We will provide glass care for student living areas and gyms. You'll want safety glass that is fire- and bullet-resistant for most areas, and we'll explain how security film application can increase student safety when breakage occurs. Ask one of our team members about office enhancements, such as installing one-way glass or two-way mirror for one of your conference rooms.


Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI offers a Door Closer Repair service program that ensures your customer service begins as soon as clients safely and easily enter your business. Our trained interior design specialists understand how glass and mirror placement can be critical to customer attraction, we will customize your space with beautiful etched, beveled, and stained-glass pieces. We also know how to make a dressing room mirrors safer with a security backing. Fire- and bullet-resistant windows and doors can have a security film applied that is subtle and clear or that pops with color to complement your interior decor.

Hotels and Motels

Your guests will feel comfortable and safe for their night's stay, with strategic mirror placement and properly weighted shower stall glass. Safety glass in common areas, like pools, workout centers or dressing rooms will reduce the risk of injury, and if you have a large overhead skylight roof, we'll explain how to reduce exposure to UV sunlight and lower energy costs with security film.

Cities and Municipalities

Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI services are often included as part of a community disaster recovery plan, and if you're building new or renovating this year, we will offer up-front quotes on pricing and turnaround time for on-time and in-budget glass installation or replacement. One-way glass or two-way mirrors may be needed for observation or consultation rooms. Energy conservation is on everyone's agenda, and your commercial glass care team can show you how you can save on energy loss and costs, especially for older municipal buildings.

At Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI commercial glass care is serious business, and we make sure our glass professionals are trained to install and service glass and mirrors that are customized for your business! Call (313) 882-5575 or contact Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI today to schedule your consultation and onsite inspection.