Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Step into a custom shower door or tub enclosure as soon as you arrive home from a hard day’s work. Glass Doctor® of Grosse Pointe, MI offers a wide selection of basic framed, heavy glass and frameless glass shower doors for your own bathroom spa. Every option seamlessly integrates with windows and surrounding glass decor to brighten bathrooms. Ask our glass specialists for suggestions that meet your personal design goals and budget. We take every step to provide affordable, long-lasting glass enhancements.

Frameless Shower Door Benefits

Install frameless glass shower doors to transform your bathrooms into remote, luxurious getaways. Our elegant doors enhance natural lightening and put an end to regular shower curtain replacements. Expect easy cleaning and an increase in home resale value as an added bonus. Our glass shower doors and enclosures always accommodate the details that make your home unique, and we work hard to eliminate any long-term complications.

Prepare for Your Personal Paradise

From initial consultation to final installation, our glass specialists guide you through every decision. Consider a few factors before choosing an upgrade:

Structural Support and Configuration: For maximum support, locate supporting studs and identify wall material. We use this information to calculate an accurate shower door weight restriction.

Shower heads: Select a shower head that keeps water safely inside your enclosure. Mounted and hand-held shower heads offer a range of spray intensities to perfectly suit your shower size.

Expert Measurements: Avoid delays in installation by scheduling an in-home consultation. Our experts arrive to take measurements for your future installation and provide upfront pricing, including all material and labor costs.

Ventilation: Prevent peeling paint, mold and sheetrock damage by eliminating excessive bathroom moisture. We perform a professional evaluation to ensure proper ventilation and airflow inside your steamy shower enclosure. Request a steam room kit for additional protection and no chance of feeling suffocated.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Dream up innovative designs to impress family, friends and guests. We work closely with you, discussing aesthetic preferences to put personality into your piece. Look forward to courteous customer assistance directed toward every individual glass need. Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI stimulates your creativity with services and resources including:

Experience industry expertise in home glass renovation when you begin the shower door design and installation process with our qualified experts. Serving Detroit and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Grosse Pointe, MI installs frameless glass shower doors, mirrors, shelving and insulated double pane windows to complete your dream master bath. Call 313-334-4523 or complete an online service request form to reach our team immediately. We remain available for any questions concerning current project details or future glass installations. Join millions of satisfied customers today.