Windshield Repair and Replacement

A rock kicked up by a truck. A bolt has broken free from an automobile, bounding down the freeway. Unidentifiable debris. These are just a few of the hazards your windshield faces on a daily basis. If your windshield comes in contact with any of them, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself looking at a crack or chip.

Cracks and chips in your windshield put you and your passengers at risk. They impair your view, increase your chances of ending up in an accident and compromise the structural integrity of your car, truck, or SUV, which makes it more likely that someone will be ejected or cut by the shattered glass if there is ever an accident.

Luckily, Glass Doctor® of Grosse Pointe, MI, makes it easy to have your windshield repaired or replaced. We’ll schedule an appointment time that meets your schedule. We’ll handle all of the insurance paperwork. And we’ll fix the problem right the first time using the option that’s best for your safety and your vehicle.

Windshield Repair

We’re committed to fixing your windshield as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. That’s why our specialists will make every effort to windshield crack repair whenever it’s a viable option. Windshield crack repair is faster, less expensive, and every bit as effective at fixing the problem as a replacement. However, it is not always a viable option.

In general, chips that are smaller than a dime and cracks that are shorter than an adult’s index finger are able to be repaired. Smaller cracks and chips allow our specialists to drill a clean hole into your windshield and replace the chipped or cracked area with an injectable, clear resin. However, sometimes the repair isn’t possible because chips that are larger than 3/8 of an inch and crack longer than three inches, as well as chips and cracks near the edges of your windshield, necessitate that the entire windshield is replaced.

Windshield Replacement

Fixing cracks and chips quickly are important. The longer chips and cracks go unattended, the more likely they will grow and ultimately require a full windshield replacement.

When replacement is needed, our specialists carefully remove the damaged glass, taking special care not to damage your car, truck, or SUV’s paint or bonding area. Our specialists then match the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality for installation with a comparable windshield and follow the high replacement standards developed by the Auto Glass Safety Council.

After the new windshield is installed, you will be able to drive your automobile in as little as one hour. You will also benefit from our Windshield Protection Plan, which ensures your new windshield will be repaired free-of-charge if it is cracked or chipped again any time during the next 12 months. And if it is broken beyond repair, we’ll replace the glass for free.

If your car, truck, or SUV comes into contact with a rock, bolt, or some other piece of flying debris, contact us today to talk about windshield crack repair and replacement.