Custom Commercial Glass Storefront Doors in Greenville, SC

Image is a vital component to success in business. If your store looks dirty or worn down, customers will turn away before you even have a chance to sell to them.

Large storefront glass is typically the first part of your business that potential customers see when they approach your site. The appearance of your glass may determine whether or not the customer comes inside. Glass Doctor® of Greenville provides full service storefront glass care that will make a positive first impression on potential customers and drive traffic into your store.

Make Your Storefront Exceptional


Bumps, dings and scratches all cause your doors to look old and out of date. Our team of specialists at Glass Doctor of Greenville can upgrade your existing glass with new panes that are crystal clear and sparkling.

If you want to go beyond basic storefront glass care, you can opt for a decorative glass package to give your storefront a facelift. Decorative glass catches the eyes of people on the street and helps your business stand out from the competition. For even more impact, add custom engraving of your store name and information.

Safety And Security

The most important job of the storefront is to protect the inventory inside. At Glass Doctor of Greenville, we provide an extensive storefront glass care program that enhances the safety and security features of your glass.

You will be able to choose from glass that includes:

  • Fire resistance to limit property damage in a fire
  • Bullet resistance to deter intruders and prevent theft
  • Hurricane and weather rated glass that will stand up to violent storms

Our team will also apply security film to your windows for an extra layer of protection and continued peace of mind. The film is a clear adhesive that allows sunlight to enter and enhances the security of your glass. When the film breaks, it falls into large chunks that are easy to clean and avoid. The film also resists outside forces, like debris flung by high winds and attempts to break the glass with a blunt object.

All-Hours Assistance

We understand the inconvenience broken glass poses to your business, and our storefront glass care includes 24/7 emergency service. Should the glass break in the middle of the night, during the height of the business day or on a calm weekend morning, our team will arrive to repair or replace the glass in a hurry. We carry most storefront glass in stock, but if we do not have the correct size or style for your site, we will clean and board up the window until the new glass arrives.

Contact our team at Glass Doctor of Greenville to learn more about our storefront glass care.