Commercial Door Closer Service in Greenville, SC

Your customers may not know what a door closer is. But they'll notice it when they walk through your door. Always strive for a good impression by ensuring your doors open and shut easily and safely. Glass Doctor® of Greenville SC provides essential door closer repair and installation services to businesses. That way, you'll know your door closer is operating safely, and your customers will be safe.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer helps you open a door, while saving you from having to physically close it. When a door closer is properly installed, you'll feel some resistance when you first open the door. This resistance tells you how heavy the door is. After that, the door glides open smoothly. When the user stops applying resistance to the door, a spring in the door closer causes the mechanism's arm to catch the door and return it to the door's frame.

Door Closer Repair

One of the most common problems with door closers is when the type of door closer does not match the door. Heavy doors need door closers with strong springs. If the door closer does not match the door, there may be safety problems, damage to the closer or door, and misalignments. It's also important to use the proper tools when performing door closer repair, to maximize the door closer's lifespan and ensure all parts are in working order. Always have a specialist service your door closer, to avoid problems such as door frame damage, misalignments or unusual motions of the door. A specialist will also ensure your door locks properly, preventing serious security problems and damage to the door and locking mechanism.

Another common problem is a broken seal on the door closer. A broken seal leaves your door closer's hardware vulnerable, and may cause oil leaks. Oil leaks may also be caused by missing screws, broken O-rings or failed seals. A poorly-lubricated door closer may cause doors to close or open too quickly. This may cause serious damage to the door, or even injury to its user.

Door Closer Repair Services

Don't void your door closer's warranty by having an untrained person perform door closer repair. Our specialists are trained in door closer repair, maintenance and installation. Additionally, we assist with door frames, hinges, thresholds, glass repair and other hardware. Don't put up with one more day of a misbehaving door closer. Schedule an appointment today and our specialists will make sure your door – and everyone who passes through it – is safe.