Unique Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving for Your Home

Custom glass tabletops are a sophisticated upgrade to any dining room or living space. The custom glass tabletops from Glass Doctor® of Grand Rapids, MI are aesthetically pleasing and provide tangible benefits for your furniture.

The Glass Doctor Difference

Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI specialists have real-world experience bringing complex and creative glass pieces to life. Our thorough consultation process ensures we know exactly the style and design you want for your custom glass tabletops.

We start with the basics: the size and thickness of your glass. Our team will determine the best size and weight for the pane you want, without the associated safety risks. From there, we will show you the available edgework designs that will set the visual tone for the piece. Then, we offer you a selection of tinting options to serve as a layer of UV protection for the furniture underneath the glass.

Our team’s experience allows them to build beautiful glass pieces that are specifically designed with your vision in mind.

Custom Glass Tabletop Options

  • Your glass tabletop is a perfect choice for any table in your home or office.
  • Imagine a striking dining room table that acts as a conversation starter
  • Use a glass tabletop to showcase any important collectible on a coffee table
  • Replace outdated glass on antique furniture
  • Impress clients with a sleek, and one-of-a-kind conference table

With a tabletop from Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI your options are almost limitless.

Glass Protections

Custom glass tabletops are more than just a glass covering; they provide significant benefits for your home.

Tinting: The addition of tinting to your glass, even for indoor furniture, protects wood and fabric from UV ray and sun damage.

Safety: For your outdoor needs, our team will design custom glass tabletops that utilize the latest in glass safety technology. Our glass pieces are made with tempered glass and laminated glass reduce injuries and make for easy clean-up if the glass gets broken.

Spice Up Your Shelving

Custom glass tabletops aren’t the only custom glasswork we do at Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI. Our custom shelves will improve the look and organization of your home. Glass shelving is an attractive option because it is:

  • Visually appealing: Few things catch the eye like glass
  • Tailored to your needs: Determine the spacing and configuration you need for your environment
  • Customizable: Adjust the type of glass, the color and style to reflect your personality and make your shelves shine

Custom shelving can transform the look of the walls of your home and make your possessions stand out. Contact us to learn more about our custom glass options or to set up an appointment.