Door Closer Repair Service

When you have a door closer that isn't working properly or need a new one installed, Glass Doctor® of Grand Rapids, MI, will help. Our door closer repair specialists are trained to fix, install, and replace a variety of closers for glass and other doors. We offer businesses throughout Kent County the highest quality door closer care services available. If you need professional, high-quality door closer repair, replacement, or preventative maintenance services, our expert team has what it takes to keep your customers and employees safe.

How Door Closers Work

All door closers are designed to ensure that people can move easily in and out of your commercial space. In many cases, door closers are an important part of fire code compliance. When a door closer is damaged, leaks, or breaks, it presents a potentially serious risk to everyone who enters and exits your building. Our trained, knowledgeable door closer repair specialists are available to make sure your door closer is always in perfect working order.

Door closers provide a gentle, controlled closing action after a door has been opened and released:

  • As the door is opened, gear teeth within the closer engage and cause hydraulic fluid to move back and forth between a reservoir and the space left by a moving piston.
  • Hydraulic fluid controls the door's closing speed.
  • As the piston effortlessly returns to its original position, the door gently closes.

Door Closer Care Services

At Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI, we offer a full range of door closer care services that include a maintenance program that's designed to maximize the life of the closer. Door closer failure is often the result of improper maintenance performed by untrained technicians, and the results can be catastrophic. Commercial door closers should always be serviced, installed, and maintained by an experienced specialist. Our door closer care experts are trained in the latest techniques to service your business' closers professionally.

Seal Repair

Replacing leaking door closers minimizes safety risks to people entering and exiting your building. Most door closer leaks are the result of a missing screw, broken O-rings, or failed seals. Oil drips on your floor pose a serious slip and fall risk. And when a door closer no longer properly controls the door, the freely swinging door can cause serious personal injury, as well as severe damage to the frame and door itself.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

When you need expert door closer repair service, choose the professionals at Glass Doctor of Grand Rapids, MI. We'll help you maintain the safety and security of your customers and employees, and guarantee that your door's hardware operates smoothly. Your time is valuable. We offer competitive, up-front door closer repair pricing, prompt and friendly service, and a quick emergency response time.

We serve a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, offices, municipal buildings, retail establishments, and hospitals in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Greenville, and all surrounding areas. If it's time to install, repair, or perform preventative maintenance on your business' door closer, contact us today to learn how we can help.