Window Repair and Replacement in Grand Blanc, MI

Broken windows at your home or business aren’t just an eyesore. They leave your property vulnerable to weather, pests, and potential invaders. When your windows get damaged or worn, rely on the experts at Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI for professional repair or replacement.

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Window Repair in the Flint, MI Area

At Glass Doctor, we offer two types of window repair:

  1. Replacing a single broken window pane
  2. Repairing window mechanisms (like the lock, crank, latch, or lever) or the window frame

While some damaged windows may be good candidates for glass, mechanism, or window frame repair, we recommend replacing windows older than 20 years or with significant damage. After inspecting your window, one of our service professionals will outline your best options.  

a Glass Doctor technician using measuring tape to measure foggy window Replacement Glass for Windows

Sometimes, only one pane of your window is damaged—typically, a broken window or bad seal. Our pane replacement services allow you to maintain your existing window by replacing a single pane of glass. We restore single- and double-pane windows, increasing your home’s energy efficiency and security. Pane replacement is ideal for historic homes or homeowners saving for a larger renovation project.

Window Replacement in Flint, MI

Some windows are not good candidates for repair. Window replacement is the best choice for windows with extensive damage, old or inefficient windows, and windows that no longer match your style or home aesthetic.  

We offer broken window replacement services and may install new windows (where a window did not exist previously), allowing for additional ventilation, natural lighting, and enhanced views. From custom designs to installation, our reliable service professionals will guide you every step of the way.

Emergency Window Repair When You Need It Most

Address disasters when they happen with our 24/7 emergency service. We’re often able to complete a repair immediately. However, if materials must be ordered, we’ll send a team to clean up the broken glass, board up the damage, and secure your property.

Find Commercial and Residential Window Repair Near Me in Genessee County

Don’t leave the safety and security of your property to chance. Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI is dedicated to repairing or replacing your windows to give you peace of mind and property protection. We fix and replace panes throughout greater Flint, including Flushing, Goodrich, Burton, Linden, Fenton, and Davison. Request an estimate online or call (810) 695-0060 to get started.

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