Window Repair & Replacement

Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI will ensure your living and working spaces are energy efficient and secure. We provide window glass replacement and repair services that deliver immediate results. Whether accidental glass breakage has shattered your comfort, or you're considering ways to improve the appearance and insulation of your home, our glass experts offer affordable, professional solutions.

Window Glass Repair Service

Our specialists perform a variety of window glass replacement and repair services. By combining industry best practices, years of hands-on experience and dependable scheduling, our professional service makes glass damage at your home or office a minor inconvenience rather than a deplorable, time-consuming situation.

Emergency Services

Our emergency service is available every day, 24-hours a day, including holidays. Our glass experts reestablish building security quickly, on the first visit. Often, we'll have replacement glass available to complete the restoration immediately. However, if an order is required, we remove the debris and secure the area, returning as soon as possible to finish the project.

Window Repairs

Double pane window seals eventually deteriorate with old age. Damaged seals permit condensation to accumulate between glass panes, often causing discoloration or an unattractive cloudy appearance. Moreover, the loss of proper insulation will contribute to higher heating and cooling costs. Rather than swapping out the entire unit, our window glass replacement service exchanges your panes and restores your broken seals for an affordable solution.

Specialty Glass

In addition to exterior window glass replacement, our experts are adept at repairing and customizing interior glass shelves, tabletops, and mirrors. We also provide custom repair service for specialty door glass, French and patio doors as well as bathroom shower enclosures.

Window Replacement Service

Upgrading your home's appearance or enhancing its energy efficiency is easy with our side selection of insulated glass units (IGUs), low-emissivity (Low-E) windows and tinting options. Our experts perform onsite consultations and have the experience to offer knowledgeable suggestions concerning the most effective upgrades.

Reduce Energy Use

IGUs establish a protective barrier against severe weather. The space between the double or triple panes acts as an additional insulator, increasing your home's energy efficiency and acting as a sound inhibitor. Low-E windows reduce the heat transference that occurs from ultra-violet (UV) light, reducing the stress on your heating and cooling unit.

Greater Glass Services

  • Window tint: Window tinting blocks the fading power of UV light without restricting the benefits of natural light. We deliver custom window tinting service that protects your carpets, upholsteries, and antiques from sunlight discoloration, while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy naturally lighted interior spaces.
  • Glass protection: We also provide Clear Choice glass applications to protect your new or existing windows. A one-time application guards your glass, porcelain, and granite surfaces against scratches, mineral deposits, stains and surface build up.
  • Fixture repair: In addition to window glass replacement, our professionals service window locking mechanisms and perform component repairs. Broken latches, sash locks, and imbalance problems are no problem.
  • Our program: Our Advantage Plan® offers participants discounted service rates, priority scheduling, and special warranties.

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