Auto Glass Care

Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI is the auto glass care expert of choice for drivers living in Flint and throughout Genesee County. We will repair or replace your cracked or broken windshield, sunroof, side windows, back glass, or mirrors, and we’ll do it with the prompt and courteous service you've come to expect. We have one of the largest glass inventories in the region and take pride in the fact we are the area’s top auto glass repair and auto glass replacement service providers.

Windshield Care

It’s not a good idea to ignore damage to your windshield. Over time, dirt and other debris will make their way into the damage and cause it to expand. Even the smallest cracks and chips have the potential to compromise the structural support of your vehicle, especially if you are unlucky enough to be involved in a crash while your windshield is damaged. Our experts will swiftly restore your windshield to ensure your safety; most repairs are completed in an hour or less.

Auto Glass Care

We care for all your auto glass. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, our highly qualified specialists are equipped to diagnose and perform every car glass repair imaginable. From installing new door windows to replacing your windshield, our specialists promise your car, truck or SUV’s panes will look like new when we’ve finished our work.

We use high-quality aftermarket glass, known as Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) panes, shipped directly from the factory. Today’s auto glass technology includes rain and humidity sensors, antennas and temperature gauges. Rest assured we keep all of these features in mind whenever we make an auto glass replacement or repair to your vehicle.

Tempered Glass

For the highest level of passenger safety, modern vehicles depend on tempered glass. Unlike the laminated used in windshields, tempered glass breaks into small, safe chunks when shattered. Today, tempered glass is used for almost every piece of glass on your vehicle: passenger windows, quarter glass, back windows, and sunroofs. When it comes to hard-to-find glass and parts, we have an extensive network of manufacturers and dealers to help with your restoration.

Auto Glass Protection

Once service is complete, we advise car owners of the best care practices for their new panes. We always recommend owners opt to have our hydrophobic coating glass protectant applied to their panes. This glass treatment shields your glass from scratches and staining. You’ll have a clearer view of the road, even in the wettest weather.

We also provide a free glass guarantee with every windshield replacement, known as our Windshield Protection Plan. The 12-month protection plan protects your windshield from normal road wear. The guarantee covers the cost of all repair work and a single pane replacement.

Great Auto Glass Care in Grand Blanc

If you have damaged glass in your vehicle in need of repair, don’t wait a day longer for the problem to worsen. Call or schedule an appointment online today! Our friendly and knowledgeable auto glass professionals are waiting to serve you.